Love Story

I'm Natalie. and he's David.
This is the story of us.

-------------------------------------------Chapter 1---------------------------------------------

I stepped out of my red Mazda 3 and grabbed my guitar from the back seat. I flung it over my shoulder reciting the lyrics to my song in my head. 

My friends had asked me to sing and play my guitar at a Lumber Jack themed party they were putting together that was also going to be an open mic. I recently learned a new favorite song on the guitar so I accepted to play at the party. I needed a good opportunity to practice performing in front of people.

The room was a sea of flannel due to the theme of the party. Music was playing in the back ground while conversations rumbled the room. My friend and I went in the other room and found a piano and a much smaller crowd.

And that's when I first saw him

He was wearing a white V neck with a flannel shirt and white beanie. He was sitting at the piano playing and singing Joshua Radin's version of the song Sesame Street. My heart instantly swooned at the sight of him. Though my head & heart snapped back to reality that I was about to go play my own song! One that I had just learned! I left the piano room and the smokin hot guy not thinking much of it and went to a quiet secluded corner to practice once more. Then I went to the music room where all the bands got up to play. I sat in the crowd and waited my turn enjoying all the great music from my friends and people I didn't know. 

Then there he was. 

He got up and sang a song on his ukelele with his friend and sang a couple songs. I was very impressed and wished I could do a duet with this cute and talented guy some day.  

uhhh maybe marry this cute and talented guy some day

It was my turn. I breathed out the butterflies that were swarming in my stomach. I positioned my black guitar and took a deep breath vanishing the nerves away as the song went on. 

-----Nailed it! The crowd roared.

After I played people came up to me and congratulated me on my performance. A totally awesome feeling! Then a new familiar pair of eyes met mine. The cute guy from the piano room.

I felt my cheeks flush as he congratulated me. This incredibly handsome and talented guy came up to talk to me! David. David was his name. To be honest it felt so natural as we talked that I can't remember all that was said. It just flowed. Though as we got talking we made the connection that he and his sister had actually taken voice lessons from MY MOM when he was in high school. So he had totally been in my house.

mom. why were you holding out on me!?

Turns out we went to the same schools growing up, yes even the same preschool! We did not go to the same high school though. He remembers me from Jr. High which is a nightmare for me because I was a teeny tiny immature 7th grader when he was a big cool 9th grader. I was on student council in 7th grade and he said he remembered me from the morning announcement videos. Later we also found out our families knew each other. His dad was our Stake President for a time. Our extended families knew each other! My grandparents knew his grandparents!

talk about small world.

David told me that he served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Japan. I was thrilled because my brother served as a missionary there too! I asked David to teach me how to say something in Japanese.

With some trial and error he taught me to say, "Anata no kimi ga suki."
I was proud of myself when I finally got it. 

he replied back to me after I said my phrase, "ahh, anata mo kimi ga suki." 

"What does it mean?" I eagerly asked. 

With a wink and his crooked smile that makes my heart melt he said, "It means I like you. And then I said I like you too."

bold. and I'm melting.

David wore a necklace with a strange pendant of something I didn't recognize. I asked him about it. He said he got it in California and he hadn't taken it off and it wouldn't until he met someone special enough that he really cared about to give it to.

I had to have that necklace.
we wants it. we needs it. must have the precious...

At the party I just wanted to be by David. He gave me his whole undivided attention and was so genuine and sincere. I remember just feeling so good around him. He had such a welcoming aura to him. 

At the end of the night the party inevitably came to an end. David asked me out for the next Saturday. He asked me for my number and we parted ways. 

I didn't know it then, but on that night he became the love of my life.  

-------------------------------------------Chapter 2---------------------------------------------

My phone buzzed the next morning from a text from David. My stomach flipped. I was all giddy and was totally crushing on this guy.

yes I stalked him on Facebook before I went to bed the night before. who doesn't?

 He was visiting his sister who actually lives in Pleasant Grove which is where my parents live! So he came and picked me up. We went to his parents house in Alpine and hung out. We watched a movie and next thing I know he is holding my hand. He was so smooth about it that I just practically melted into a puddle on the floor right then and there. I was so surprised because I was totally ok with him holding my hand! 

Back up a little --back story here; I wasn't interested in dating at the time. I had my heart broken in the past and I put up my own Wall of China around my heart. I went on dates and they were all just... bleh. Fun guys and all but I was never interested. I was so annoyed with the whole dating process. The whole getting to know you sequence. 
"what's your favorite color?" and "what do you like to do?" blah blah blah.
I didn't want to let anyone in. 

So when David came out of no where he literally swept me off my feet

I wanted to get to know him. Who was he? Where did he come from? How was it that we were so close our whole lives but never met? 

We ended up hanging out every day until our actual date that he had asked me on the night of the Lumber Jack party. Even just after a week I felt comfortable around him. In fact the people we were doubling with asked how long we had been dating. Whoa Dave and I had not had a DTR yet! We just laughed.

One night we were watching a movie in my parents home theater. I honestly can't remember what movie is was because my mind was enthralled with this boy. We got in a tickle fight and the next thing I know our foreheads where touching and our lips were inches apart. My heart stopped as I felt his cool breath on my skin. Then he ever so gently grabbed my face and his lips met mine. I felt the walls surrounding my heart start to crumble.

best first kiss everrrrr.

I released my first CD the Fall before I met David and I was in the process of filming my second music video to my song called "Blue Jay." My director and I brain stormed an idea and for the shoot we needed a boy to be the love interest. I knew David was into music so I asked him if he would like to be in my music video. He said yes!!!


 I was so excited to dress up and act with him. Except it ended up not being acting at all because my feelings for David were real. I was head over heels for this cutie. 

Valentines Day came and I was working in a hair salon at the time. When I got to the salon there was a rose, a chocolate covered strawberry and a Rachel Platten CD signed to me! 


David surprised me and we went to the movies. He knew that Oreos were my weakness and snuck in a half gallon of milk, cups and Oreos!!! It was perfect. Nothing too romantic because we had just started seeing each other. But he was creative, fun, thoughtful and spontaneous. After the movie we sat in front of the fire place and talked for hours. I was falling for him hard. 

Breaking news happened one night when we were sitting in the car... and perhaps kissing. Dave pulled off his necklace! The one that he said he wouldn't take off until he met someone he really liked! He put it on me and asked me to hold on to it for him and that he really cared about me! I about squealed. 
my precious...

We kept seeing each other everyday. I had never met someone so easy to be around. Someone so easy to talk to. Someone that made me laugh as much as he did. We had so much fun! We went on so many random adventures.  Like we went to the hot pots, went to the movies, went to poetry reading, went on hikes, we went camping, we went to the zoo, we went to his cabin, we went to the tulip festival, we went to the festival of colors, stayed up all night talking, did henna tattoos on each other, played music together, went to random restaurants, etc etc. We did everything together! 

David came into my life at a time when I really needed help. A time when I really needed him. I was going through a really hard time and Satan was working hard on me. I felt so low with discouraging reminders of my failures and disappointments. I was still broken from a past relationship where I was cheated on. My self esteem had never been so low. I think as girls our self image can be something we struggle with as we compare ourselves to what the world and media portrays as beautiful. I had become very blind and was not happy. David lifted me up and made me want to be a better person. He healed apart of my heart that had been broken for so long. He made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He loved when I had no make up on and my hair was a mess. He gave me compliments and treated me like a princess.  He would show me off to all his friends and family and make me feel so special. 

He made me truly H A P P Y. 

-------------------------------------------Chapter 3---------------------------------------------

It was the weekend of Spring General Conference (A meeting that Mormons go to every 6 months to listen to messages about Jesus Christ.) David and I were going to go up to Salt Lake City to the Conference Center to watch it together. So the night before he slept at my house. He slept in the other room of course. 

That night I felt all my walls around my heart had vanished and I allowed the most vulnerable part of me to be his. My heart. and It was his completely. He had helped me so much and made me such a happier person. I loved him for that. I loved him. I fell completely in love with him. I had never felt that deep of a love for someone before. 

That night I told David I loved him.

Yes- I told him first! I am a brave soul.

But that was part of allowing myself to be completely vulnerable. That's the scary thing about love. It's that moment that someone can tear you to shreds or take your heart and cherish it. David tenderly kissed me and told me he loved me too. His love is the best thing I could ever ask for. and I will always cherish it. 

-------------------------------------------Chapter 4---------------------------------------------

A time came that we both dreaded. Summer Sales took my David away!!! David moved to Nashville, Tennessee for the Summer where he slaved away selling pest control. I moved to Provo with one of the best friends. I am so grateful for modern technology because I don't know how I would have made it through the summer with out our daily phone calls, Face Time and Skype dates and text messages. We talked everyday and our relationship went to a whole new level where all we could do was talk. No making out or nothing... though I really missed his lips pressed against mine.

We talked about everything! Got to know each other more and more. The "M" word came up. We started talking about marriage. It wasn't awkward or anything. It just came up and flowed. I wasn't scared. I wasn't doubtful. All I know is I felt.... good. I felt happy. I knew I wanted to marry David.

How did I know? How does anyone ever really know? I believe that it's different for everyone but I know you can really know.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I've always been taught that if we desired to know something and we studied it out in our minds and we prayed about it with real sincere intent, that we can receive personal revelation in our lives and God will help guide us.  I've always felt God has guided me and supported me in my decisions in my life. Yes God will guide us and help us but that doesn't mean he makes our decisions for us. We always have our agency.

With David it wasn't one moment where the heavens opened and I was like "YES HE'S THE ONE!" "HALLELUJAH!" 

It was something that swelled in my heart since the moment I met him and it just grew and grew. With David it felt like I was 'coming home.' The way he looked at me seemed familiar. The more we came to know each other the more I came to realize I've always known him. He made me want to be a better person. I wanted to be like him. He made me happy. 

I just knew

Luckily my dad use to be a flight attendant for American Airlines because he still gets flight tickets from them and my awesome dad let me use some!!! I got to go out to Nashville to visit my sweet heart!!!! Not just once that summer, but TWICE! We missed each other like craaaaaazy. It was so hard being apart. It was my first time ever flying all by myself. I was pretty proud. Nashville was great! A music town! I was in heaven. 

By my second visit to Nashville I was crawling with excitement and wondering when Dave was going to propose. The suspense was killing me! I remember when I stepped off the plane on the Tennessee soil I felt like I was going to pop because I was just imagining Dave, kneeling and proposing to me right there in the airport! Talk about butterflies in my stomach that were coming up and bursting out of my mouth. Then there was Dave, ready to pick me up with his gorgeous smile and warm embrace but... no ring. That made the anticipation heighten even more! I was thinking "is it going to be now? Or now?"

 To say I was antsy is an understatement. 

Then Saturday came along. Dave's sales team won a contest where the company bought them dinner. We all went to The Red Lobster and feasted on a delicious meal. We were with the whole team so I was thinking, "maybe he will propose on Sunday when it's more quiet and secluded." 

After dinner everyone wanted to do something fun in Nashville for the weekend, so we decided to go to The Grand Ole Opry Center. It was so beautiful! Inside was an indoor rainforest with huge palm trees, waterfalls, streams and flowers. GORGEOUS! Then in the midst of some towering palm trees was a magnificently lit up gazebo entwined with vines hovering over a fountain. I gawked at the sight because I'm a sucker for gazebos. I think they are so romantic!---Dave knows that. 

We all had sodas, drinking them nonchalantly when Dave read the inside of his bottle cap and suddenly exclaimed "Hey! I won a free soda! Did you win anything?"

 I opened the cap and looked inside. "Marry Me?" It read. 

My jaw dropped as the biggest smile I've ever smiled began to curve at the corners of my mouth. Then the moment happened that I dreamed about. Dave got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife

Of course I said YES!!!!! He revealed my ring and it was so gorgeous! He designed it himself so I had no idea what it was going to look like. It was a total surprise. I love it and melted at the engravings he had put on it.  On the inside of the ring it reads "love like crazy." A phrase we always used during our distance relationship like "I miss you like crazy!" and "I love you like crazy." He also put a triangle on the ring. To represent our relationship with God. Each of us at one point of the triangle and the closer we are to God, then the closer we will be to each other.

It was the happiest day of my life that far. It felt so good and so right. I would say yes over and over again! 

-------------------------------------------Chapter 5---------------------------------------------

The time came when me and my new smokin hot babe of a fiancé had to part ways and I had to fly back to Utah... It was so hard to be apart!!

I planned our whole wedding the rest of the Summer. My sweet heart got to come home for a weekend for his Mission Presidents homecoming and we got our engagements taken and we also filmed our engagement video which was so much fun!!! 

It was even harder to say good bye to Dave when he went back to Nashville.

The wedding planning continued and we were set to get married in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday September 1, 2012. 

Dave got home a week before the wedding! Talk about crazy. 

No worries because this wonder woman got everything under control for the wedding. 

Dave drove all day and all night to get home. I was already moved into our new place where we were going to be living together. I couldn't wait. I was laying in bed at 2 am when Dave texted me he finally made it back. There was no way I could sleep. I darted outside and practically flew to my car. I don't think I've ever drove so fast. I needed to see my soon to be husband. 

I was seriously just down the hill from Dave's parents house when all the sudden my little red mazda  started clunking down the road.

 A FREAKIN FLAT TIRE! Are you serious!?!? 

I sheepishly called Dave confessing my embarrassment. My knight in shining armor came to my rescue to change my tire. Poor guy was running on no sleep but that didn't seem to phase him. When he got out of his car he embraced me and I kissed his familiar lips and just cried. We don't have to be a part any more. 
He kissed my tears right away. 

A few days before the wedding was one of the most special days. On August 29,2012 I received my endowments in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It was so special and sacred. The spirit was so strong and I could feel my Saviors love all around me. 

Then came my most favorite day. The day where I would be sealed to the man of my dreams for time and all eternity. The day where I would marry by best friend, my everything, my David. 

Dave came and picked me up bright and early that beautiful Saturday morning. We drove up to the Salt Lake City Temple together. In the Temple we were married and sealed as a eternal family. It was the happiest day of my life. As David's eyes locked with mine across the altar in the Temple I knew I was in the right place at the right time. 

At the wedding dinner I surprised Dave with a song that I wrote for him for our wedding day. And he surprised me with the most beautiful poem that he wrote for me. 

I know God prepared me all my life so that I could have this blessing of being married to David. When I look back on my life with a birds eye perspective, I see all the experiences I had prior to getting married. Those experiences helped mold and shape me in preparing me to meet my David. 

Married life is the BEST and David and I get to live out our happily ever after together. 


    I may or may not have to copy you and write mine and Jakes.
    Also I really want you to teach me how to do my makeup haha. Like seriously, I know nothing and who better than my supposed twin?! Lol. Gosh the photography at your wedding was beautiful also. That picture of you guys in the field with the grass like, partially blurring, is SO PRETTY.


    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!
      do it! it seriously was soooo fun to write and reminisce.
      girl. i would love to teach you makeup! i do makeup at Nordstrom. come in and lets do it!

  2. natalie! i think i recognize you from mila adam's photography, you & your husband are darling and EVERY SINGLE ONE of your guys' pictures is to die for. can't wait to follow along on your very adventurous life! :) xo

    1. hey! oh wow you are so incredibly sweet!!! Thank you so much!!! what's your blog so I can check it out!

  3. I was so captured by your story! Like.. I felt the anticipation waiting to find out how he proposed haha.Thanks for sharing it! I LOVE australian shepherds, my family had one growing up. I'm so jealous yall have a mini!

    1. aw thanks!! aussies are way fun! super active as you know so she keeps us busy haha!

  4. Oh my! I do love looking at your pictures of your beautiful lovely family and I actually love reading all of your updates, but I didn't read your lovestory yet. It seems like I'm right there next to you while reading. It's so lovely and after reading it I feel like I want to marry too, right bow please. Just the best wishes for you two + your small one and a half cuties! P.S. I love you two singing "You & I", my boyfriend and me sang this song together when we start being a couple. And you two look so wonderful cute while singing it ��


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