Olivia Sage // A Birth Story

Welcome to the world OLIVIA SAGE SWESON!

Born AUGUST 19, 2017
8 LBS 7 OZ 19 IN

What a crazy past few weeks it's been. I don't think we've ever cried so much in our entire lives, with some of the lowest of lows and then some of the highest of highs. We've had so many life altering events happen to us all at once that it's knocked us off our feet. 

It all started at the end of July when David took a new job position, where he now is an owner of a Solar office out in San Antonio, Texas. The change was huge for us with a lot of risk but also a lot of reward. We took the leap not knowing that only a few days later we would find out that David's brother Paul had gone missing. A nightmare no family should have to go through. 

David was gone night after night and day after day with no sleep and little to eat searching diligently for his brother. There were search parties everyday and I did all I could being 9 months pregnant. Being out in the heat and all the stress gave me tons of contractions and I swelled up like a balloon. I began to be concerned I was going into preterm labor, so we kept checking in on our baby girl getting her monitored but she was doing ok which was a relief. 

Eighteen long days passed and then our family learned the heart-wrenching news that the body of our beloved Paul had been found and that our most dreaded fear had been confirmed... One of the hardest things to watch is those closest to you hurting. You just wish so much that you could take their pain away. Everybody loves Paul and Paul loved everybody and his family so much. Paul loved his dear wife Ashlee and their precious daughter Poppy so much and their little family is probably the most darling family you've ever seen. Paul loved all his family -- his mom and dad, brothers and sister and was such an amazing big brother to David. It's been such a hard time for our family and my heart has been completely broken to see David go through this, to see Ashlee go through this and all the Swenson, Martindale and Kendall family. We miss our Pauly so much. 

More contractions came, I was ready to pop and I was so worried that I would go into labor before or even during the funeral because we needed that time to mourn, but somehow the contractions stopped. 

The day of the funeral came, and the tender words spoken and the many memories of Paul touched my heart to the core. I'm so proud of David for speaking, his touching words and powerful testimony as I can't even fathom how hard that was for him -- how hard it was for all who spoke. This whole experience has brought us closer and puts things into perspective on what truly matters and what is truly important. There is a way of peace and comfort. The knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and knowing Paul is ok. Knowing we will see and be with him again. 

After a very long and emotionally draining day of the funeral, it was time for us to go to bed. We hadn't slept much the past several weeks so I was hoping that David could finally have somewhat of some closure and get some much needed sleep. I was planning on our scheduled induction date the next week because I was just 38 weeks pregnant. I woke up a few times uncomfortable but kept falling back asleep. 

At 2:50am when I woke up, I was uncomfortable enough that I couldn't go back and lay down. Contractions were hitting me hard. I didn't go into labor with Evelyn because with her my water had started leaking so I was induced. I heard that you have to time your contractions for an hour and that they had to be consistent and not go away or ease up when you change positions. So I started examining my situation and paced our living room. I tried sitting on the couch, laying on the couch, bouncing on our stability ball. These contractions were not going anywhere, and getting more intense with each one. 

I then decided that I should start timing these beasts. I started to fill the tub because I remembered reading that a bath could ease contractions. NOPE, I couldn't even get in. It was then that the contractions became so intense that I couldn't walk through them anymore and they were taking my breath away. They were lasting about 30-45 seconds every 30 seconds so I wasn't getting much of a break at all in between. Not much time had passed and I was trying to wait the full hour. HOW!? I had heard of so many stories of girls being sent home because they weren't really in labor, also it was the middle of the night so what were we suppose to do with Evelyn who was sound asleep, and plus David had such an exhausting day with the funeral that I didn't want to wake him up to a false alarm you know!?!? I then prayed to know if I was in labor or not and just knew I couldn't wait that full hour anymore. So at 3:20am I decided to gently wake David up just to let him know what was going on. David immediately knew things were serious. What a guy. We called my brother to come to our house to watch Evelyn while we went to the hospital but he lived 20 min away and things were getting unbearable. David acted fast and ran out into the street and saw that our next door neighbors light was on. He went and banged on the door (probably gave them a heart attack!) and immediately our neighbor John answered. Dave asked him to come over to our house until my brother arrived. (Thank you John!) I was already in the car and then we rushed to the hospital obeying zero traffic laws, luckily it was the middle of the night so there was no traffic and we live about 3 miles away from the hospital. We pulled up and didn't even park. We grabbed one of those stupid wheel chairs that are hard to work where you have to push the handle in to get it to roll. Made it up the elevator to labor and delivery where Dave called for them to let us in. The door buzzed and unlocked, he tried holding the door open but couldn't hold the door AND wheel me in. So I just stood up and started running. A nurse met me and guided me to a room. Basically as soon as I sat on the bed it was pushing time. My body completely took over, I couldn't control it. This baby was coming and coming NOW!

"What's your name!?" the nurse asked.


"Who's your doctor!?"

"baaaaah I don't know!" It was so hard to even think at the time. The pain was unreal.

"Ok Natalie we need you to bend your knees, this baby is coming."
The pain was so intense that I couldn't even relax enough to bend my legs, so David and the nurse had to pretty much force my legs to bend haha

"WHAT ABOUT THE MEDS!?" I asked frantically.

"We promise we will get you some right after this baby comes, she's coming now."


There was no time for medication, no time for my doctor to arrive, no time to hook me up to any monitors. It was just me, the nurse and David there. 

I feel like most of the time nowadays when girls do a natural child birth it's because they WANT to and mentally prepare themselves for it. Me?? NOPE! I was planning on that epidural all the way so I was definitely not prepared or mentally ready. I was scared, could I really do it?? I remember praying in my mind for strength and for help getting me through this.

-- the strength came. 

Four minutes later, just the nurse and David delivered our precious little Olivia and she was in our arms and THAT MOMENT was so beautiful... our little sweetheart didn't even cry, just made a little peep. Then it was so calm, quiet and peaceful as we held each other close. We felt so much love and we felt so close to Paul. We knew he sent her on her way to us. It was one of the most sacred and spiritual moments of my life holding her in my arms for the first time. 

The day before the sun set with Paul being laid to rest, and then that morning the sun rose with new life and welcoming little Olivia into the world. God ALWAYS sends a rainbow after a storm and we know the timing of when she arrived was no coincidence. We found out that there was an actual rainbow over the valley that day as well and I can't help but tear up thinking about it. We had cried a lot over the past several weeks and now we couldn't think of a better way the week could have ended then with the tears of joy we shed welcoming little Olivia into the world. 

That was the craziest 12 hours of my life going from Paul's funeral to having my second baby. She came sooooo fast. (Time frame reminder. woke David up and 3:20am -- baby in our arms at 3:37am) 
If anything would have been different, I would of had her in the car or elevator! Thank goodness that didn't happen cuz I was scared out of my mind to begin with. I had her the old fashioned way! But everything went great. Olivia came healthy and strong and we think she might even have red hair just like her uncle Paul! With no meds in my system I couldn't believe how clear my mind was after! I think I was in shock at first thinking, 


After I had Evelyn I was so dizzy and completely out of it that I couldn't focus on anything, but this time around with Olivia my mind was clear and I was able to have normal conversations right away and get up and walk shortly after too. Recovery also seems to be going really smooth. The nice thing was even though the pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced, at least it was super short. It makes me ALMOST want to consider choosing a natural delivery next time, but I would definitely mentally prepare next time and also prepare if the next one comes just as fast hahaha buuuut then again, epidurals are AMAZZZZING. 

Our hearts are so full. We are now a little family of FOUR! We have TWO beautiful little girls! It's also pretty crazy that their birthdays are one day a part. Evelyn was born August 18 at 8:10pm and Olivia was born August 19 at 3:37am --- so they are two years a part and a few hours! What are the odds of that!? But again, I know when Olivia came was no coincidence, true divine intervention and a blessing of hope. We had been trying to get pregnant for almost half a year before I got pregnant with her. She came when she was suppose to come. 

I need to say THANK YOU. Thank you to every single one of you that have reached out to our family over the past month. It's been some of the worst and some of the best with such a whirlwind from a brand new job position, a missing loved one, tight finances, Evelyn's birthday, Paul's funeral, Olivia's very fast natural birth, and our 5 year wedding anniversary. How many life altering events can you have at once!? wheeeeew. to say we are ready for things to calm down and for us to find our new "normal" is an understatement. There are continued days of so much sadness as we mourn, and days of adjusting to being parents of two that are hard when all we can do is cry but we know all will be well. So THANK YOU for your kindness. We have been amazed at the outpour of love we have received during this trying time. Thank you for lifting us up when we really needed it. For all the messages, calls, voicemails, texts, visits, service, help with searches, help with Evelyn, flowers, meals and prayers. You've given us immense strength and we've realized how much support really means. Please please please hold your loved ones tight. Reach out to others and extend your love and service. Go out of your way to help others. We all need to be there for each other and lift one another up because we never know what someone is really going through, for we are all facing our own battles and storms. Thank you for helping us through our recent storms, and being angels among us. Let's all follow Paul's example of service. Like my father in law said at the funeral, "if family and friends aren't forever, what's forever for?" I KNOW we will all be together again. 

We are so grateful to have little Olivia with us now. She brings us so much hope, light and is a constant reminder of Gods hand in our lives.

Welcome to the world little Olivia.


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