Find Paul Swenson

On July 27th, David's brother Paul went missing. The Swenson's were gone on a river rafting trip, David and Paul were suppose to go but David just started a new position at work and couldn't take the time off and I'm not sure why Paul couldn't go. But it was actually a tender mercy that David didn't actually go on the river rafting trip because then he was home to be with his mom and help start the search for Paul.
It was a Thursday and we got a call from David's mom right as we were going to bed that Paul was missing. Immediately David got up and grabbed the Swenson cabin keys to check it maybe he'd gone up the cabin. He then went and stayed with his mom who was worried all alone at her house since everyone else was on the river run. I got a text from david in the middle of the night saying they found Paul's car but he was no where to be found. Our hearts just sank.
The next day everyone began searching.  We had no clues and no ideas what had happened or what was going on. My sister in law that lives in Texas flew in and we tried contacting the family members on the river rafting trip telling them to come home! Luckily one of David's brothers Sam has a satelite phone for emergencies but only took it out at night so they didn't find out until that friday night and they rode all through out the night so they could make it back as soon as possible.
David searched and searched as did everybody. Running on no sleep we were all worried sick. A search base was made where we had so many people come together to pass out flyers and get the word out about helping us find Paul. We are forever grateful for everyones love, support, help and prayers.
Well here we are on day 10 of Paul still missing. His wife Ashlee and daughter Poppy need him, we all need him. We need our Pauly. David needs his brother, it's been so hard seeing David go through this, seeing all of the Swenson's go through this. It's such a hard and scary time for our family. It's just so heartbreaking because we just have no clue. No answers. Our hearts ache and we are doing EVERYTHING we an to find Paul. Thank you so much to everyone who has been and is helping our family and for your continued prayers.


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