36 Weeks // Baby Swenson #2

36 Weeks
size of a ripe Papaya
about 19inches long
weighs about 6 lbs

How far along: 36.5 weeks! Trying to keep this baby cookin!

Total weight gain: about 38lbs. I've already gained more than my last pregnancy even though I've been working on having an active pregnancy. That just goes to show that the scale is JUST A NUMBER. Your body will do what it needs to for your baby and I am so glad I had an active pregnancy for my mental health and sanity.

Maternity clothes: yepppp. and even some of my maternity tops are turning into belly shirts hahaha

Stretch marks: So far I haven't gained any new ones from my first pregnancy on my hips where I got them last time. I did however get new ones on my boobies!
Sleep: routine potty breaks all through out the night. achy hips but just trying to soak up every minute of sleep I can get! I've been so sleepy. third trimester fatigue has hit me hard.

Best moments lately: The other day we got to see our baby girl briefly in an ultrasound. We got to see her precious little face and saw that her hands were cupped together. I like to think it's as if she were praying. We need her sweet little prayer and spirit during this hard time in our family. I gave me peace and melted my heart. She's our light amongst the darkness.

Miss anything: My pre pregnancy clothes for sure. Being able to touch my toes. being super active and going on hikes and camping trips. 

Movement: I've felt like this little girl has always moved waaaaay more than what I remember about my pregnancy with Evelyn. Even though she's super squished in there, she still rolls and tries to stretch out.

Food cravings: pretty sure I could eat an entire box of otter pops. frozen sugar?? yes please!

Anything making you queasy or sick: the heat. I'm so swollen and just feel like a sweaty pig ALL THE TIME. Like I can't stop sweating.
Gender: girl!
Labor signs: Dilated to almost a 3 and almost 90% effaced at my last appointment. TONS of contractions. I think from all of the stress that's been going on in our family with David's brother Paul missing. I've been trying to keep this baby cookin, but maybe she will join us soon!
Belly button in or out: more like non existent belly button. it's so stretched. But you can totally see it through my shirts.

Wedding rings on or off: on and stuck. I can't get it off. My hands are so swollen.

Happy or moody most of the time: so happy and excited to meet our precious baby girl. Holding on to that during this stressful time.
Looking forward to: Becoming a mom of TWO! This is such a big and new chapter in our lives and I am ready for it. Yes I am so nervous for the adjustment and I know it will be hard and take some time but soon it will become our new "normal". I am so excited to see little Evelyn become a big sister and see David with his girls. 

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