Fifth Water Hot Springs

We went on a family adventure to some hot springs! I think hot springs are super rad. I am not a fan of cold water so it makes me so fascinated to sit in water that is actually comfortable to sit in haha as long as it's not toooooo hot. We went up to Fifth Water Hot Springs. They are located up Spanish Fork Canyon then Diamond Fork Canyon. The hike is about 2.5 miles along the river! There are several hot pools with the lower ones being the least hot. they were more like a really warm bath so I was able to get in pregnant and evelyn could get in as well. Oh and any pregnant mamas that are wanting to hike to hot springs, just a forewarning that hot springs smell like sulfur bad and being pregnant I know smells get to you even worse. At first the smell was making me super sick haha but certain parts didn't smell quite as strong as other parts thankfully. This hikes is super fun and a great adventure! Totally recommend it!

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