Little Sahara Sand Dunes

After all the chaos of what's been going on with Dave losing his job, we thought it was time to take a breather and get away for a little weekend adventure. Neither of us had ever been to the sand dunes. Well David had been when he was really little but couldn't remember it. It's actually not even far from where we live! It's just out past Nephi and Eureka. We had a blast! The sand dunes are so cool! I felt like I was in Egypt and expected to see pyramids in the distance haha. We were cleaning sand out of our ears for a few days but it was so worth it! Evelyn loved it -we went sand sledding, she played in the sand,  wondered around and her favorite part was going for rides in the side by side. Seriously that was her favorite part! She would go "weeee" and "whooooo" when we when down the sandy hills. She would cry when we would take her out and she would go up to the side by side and try to climb in and sign for "more". That little adrenaline junkie! Because those are some crazy rides even for me! We went with a lot of David's family and that's how we got to ride the side by sides because David's dad owns one. We camped which I was a little nervous about because it is still early in the season so that means very cold at night! We bundled up and bundled Evelyn up really well! She only woke up once in the night and I think it's because she all the sudden forgot where she was and freaked out haha. That comes with camping with a baby or toddler, you usually don't get much sleep. But the adventure is so worth it! I definitely want to go back! The sand dunes are so fun! I hear the best time to go is the Spring and Fall because the sand gets too hot in the summer and then obviously winter is.... well winter haha. So we better go again soon!

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