This is a story of how I completely changed my life. 

I will never forget that miraculous moment when I held my baby girl for the very first time. I was finally a MOM! The way my heart grew 10x that day is something I will never forget. As a new mom I was on cloud nine then smacked in the face with trying to adjust to my role of motherhood! Along with that came my new "mom bod" so I then made a goal to 'get my pre pregnancy body back' and started my fitness journey.

I had never really been an active healthy person. With my genetics I was small framed but that does not mean I was healthy. I had an EXTREMELY unhealthy relationship with myself mentally, did not eat right or know how to fuel my body right, and had NEVER exercised consistently. Before I had my baby girl, my husband got me to go on some hikes and that was the extent of my activity. So fast forward when I was six weeks postpartum and got the ok from my doctor that I could exercise I began a fitness routine! I started Kayla Itsines BBG Sweat with Kayla program which basically are 12 week work out guides with 3 days resistance training and 3 days cardio. 

I had one HUGE wake up call. I will never forget that first run I went on postpartum, or that first week of work outs. I was so sore I could barely move. I could barley even get through my workouts. I had ZERO muscle. I had never done any type of muscle training in my life! I wanted to quit. I wanted to just say "SCREW IT, THIS IS NOT FOR ME."

But I looked at my baby and something inside of me stirred. Someday, I wanted to let her know and show her that anything really IS POSSIBLE that you put your mind to. So, I got up the next day and completed my 28 min work out. 

In the beginning, all of my workouts took place in the front room of my house. As evelyn grew older and became mobile, I began to do my workouts at the gym where they have kidcare.

My biggest adjustment was NUTRITION. Being a new mom and also trying to adjust to an active lifestyle meant that I NEEDED to change the way I was fueling my body and change the way I thought about food. A friend introduced "The Whole 30" to me and I listened to the book on audible called "It Starts with Food" by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig that explains the whole 30. It helped so much with the way I think about food! I have yet to do the full 30 day challenge but I try and eat Whole 30 approved meals through out the week and then have a good ol cheat meal for date night! 

What really boosted my fitness journey was with the supplements and nutritional system I was also using. The protein shake I was using was vital in helping me get the important nutrients I needed. I also completed a deep full body cleanse that rid my body of toxins and helped shed some unwanted excess weight. I use ISAGENIX products and it makes all of the difference in the world. It gives me the confidence I need knowing I am fueling my body right. I have more energy than I have ever had and it helps me live a healthy, clean and lean lifestyle. Get the products at a discounted price at

Living a healthy lifestyle means taking care of your body INSIDE and OUT! They go hand in hand!

A fitness journey does mean that it is a JOURNEY. I had so many bad and hard days, ups and downs, where I wanted to quit. But what helped me the most was to just take one day at a time. To stop focusing on my 'end goal' that I wanted but to just really appreciate the moment I was in. To find the victory in that day for finishing my work out, for choosing to eat right and for using my isagenix products. Also to focus on how living this way made me FEEL. Sweating everyday and releasing those endorphins helped me so much! They helped with those post baby blues and made me happier. So I would hold onto that and soon I started looking forward to that feeling. My advice is to remember that REAL progress takes TIME. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF!!! And if you are a mama reading this on your postpartum fitness journey, know that I have been there too! You are not alone. Throw out that damn scale and stop focusing on some dumb number. Focus on how you FEEL and how much stronger you are getting. And plus I will be starting another postpartum fitness journey because I am expecting baby number 2 so I'm with you! 

Before I knew it, I was actually in better shape than before I had my baby! I was blown away. I had always heard that pregnancy changed your body and it will never be the same again. Well, that's right! My body isn't the same. Did I get stretch marks? yes. Did I gain weight? yes. But now I'm actually in better shape than before. If you are willing to put in the hard work and effort, I promise it's possible. 

I had the strength and energy to go on all kinds of adventures with my family. I went on so many hikes with my little one strapped to my back enjoying the beautiful mountains. I will never forget those precious memories! I backpacked and hiked Mt Timpanogos with my husband (who was also using isagenix products and jumped in on living a healthy lifestyle).  Something I had never done before! It's a 14.6 mile hike with 11,749 elevation with it being the second highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains! I ran my first 10k obstacle mud race with David and also ran my first half marathon! Never in my life had I imagined myself running races, but there I was doing it and it felt so good! It felt good to be capable. To have the strength and energy to not only do those things but be the type of mom I wanted to be. To play and adventure with my daughter and husband. THAT'S the kind of life I want to live. A lot of people use their children as an excuse. But I'm telling you, let them be your MOTIVATION and not your excuse. Your kids need you to show them that it's possible. That it's possible to live the kind of life you want.

What began as a goal to get my 'pre pregnancy' body back, turned into so much more. I learned to live a healthy lifestyle and my biggest transformation was mentally. I gained a self confidence I had never had before. It felt so good knowing I could do hard things. That I could really push myself. 

When I began my fitness journey, I started my life. And I invite you to do the same. Take one day at a time and do something that makes you sweat everyday. You've got to stop thinking about it as "dieting and exercising." If you want real and long lasting results, you've got to start "eating and training." Fueling your body right and training your body! Boost your health with proper nutrition. Check out ACTIVELYNATALIE.ISAGENIX.COM and start your life and create wealth while doing so. Get the right things into that wonderful body of yours and get out and sweat!
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I feel like I have been on the forever search to find my niche, to find what I really love to do. If you know me then you know I've pretty much tried every industry but have finally realized that fitness has been here all along. It's part of who I am now and I would absolutely love to coach you and help you along your fitness journey and am here for you every step of the way. YOU CAN DO IT! Start living the life you've always wanted both physically and financially free. START YOUR LIFE!

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So where am I now?

We are expecting baby girl numero dos! She is due August 2017! We are super excited! I am also excited that this time around being pregnant, I have the tools I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I am striving to actually have an active pregnancy this time around and I'm hoping between that and muscle memory from before, that it won't take as long post baby this time! ha! You can join me on my fitness journey on instagram @actively.natalie 
David and I have a goal to open up our own gym one day and actually just enrolled with NASM to get certified as personal trainers! We are super stoked! Wish us luck as we study and prepare to become certified at the end of the summer! 
I am so grateful that I decided and committed to living a healthy lifestyle. It's the best thing I could have done for myself as a new mom. 


  1. Natalie, you are seriously my biggest inspiration! Keep on inspiring and motivating people the way you do. You are helping people in so many more ways you will never know!

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