7 Essentials You Need to Know When Choosing Your Protein Powder

There are so many different protein powders out there and so many different brands, so how do you pick which one is the best??

I'm going to share with you a checklist from foodmatter.com from THIS ARTICLE you should be checking for when you are looking for a protein powder and then share with you what protein I use and why.

The 7 Essentials To Look For In Your Whey Protein Powder


All-natural, pasture-fed cows' whey, NOT pesticide-treated, grain-fed cows' whey. Comparred to grain-fed cows, pasture-fed cows produce whey that:
  • Is nutritionally superior to grain fed
  • Contains an impressive amino acid and immuno-supportive nutrient profile
  • Is rich in healthy fats--lipolic acid and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Grass-fed cows are good source of Protein


Choose whey made without GMOs.

3. RAW

Look for raw or cold-processed as most whey is heat processed which:
  • Makes the whey acidic and nutritionally deficient
  • Damages the immuno-supportive micronutrients and amino acids
  • Makes whey inadequate for consumption
  • Cold processed whey protects the nutrients in their natural state


Acid / Ion Exchange Processing is cheaper than acid-free processing, but it denatures the amino acid profiles by using acids and chemicals to separate the whey from the fats.


Protein isolates are proteins stripped away from their nutritional cofactors. There are three problems with that:
  • All isolates are exposed to acid processing.
  • Your body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form.
  • Due to over-processing, isolates are deficient in key amino acids and nutritional cofactors.


Most whey products are artificially sweetened making them useless if you have sugar sensitivities, or just don't want to put artificial sweeteners or flavors into your body. Your whey should be low glycemic, low carb and should not contain any artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohol, glycerin, fructose, sugar or gluten.


Many protein powders both whey and non-whey could contain dangerous levels of heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. A Consumer Reports' evaluation showed some leading brands of protein powders exceeded United States Pharmacopoeia's (USP) recommended safety limits for certain heavy metals. You want to avoid these products at all costs because any high concentration of heavy metals taken over time could lead to serious health consequences.

So what protein do I use?

Isagenix - IsaLean Shake

I have tried numerous amounts of protein and this is by far my favorite.
-First of all, it passes all the essentials checklist.
-It is formulated in New Zealand from Grass fed, hormone free cows
-It is a grade 7 protein which is the highest quality of protein out there
-It has 242 nutrients so I know that I am getting the best nutrition for not only me, but for my family as well. I know my toddler and my baby growing in my belly are getting the best nutrients.

The IsaLean Shake comes in three different kinds
- Regular
- Pro

24 grams of protein with 23 vitamins and minerals. This is what I use on a regular basis!

This is a dairy free protein option for my vegan friends out there!

36 grams of protein and more calories. Perfect if you are super active and building muscle. I used this protein when I was training for my races and my husband uses this protein when he wants to bulk up.

There are also three delicious flavors!
- Vanilla
- Strawberry
- Chocolate

When I say delicious I mean it. That was one of the first things that attracted me to the IsaLean Shake was that it actually tasted GOOD! It's not grainy or has a weird after taste like so many protein powders. It tastes great with just water and ice! Which is pretty hard to find with so many having to add juice, fruit etc for it to even taste good. Now you can always add those things if you wish but it tastes great alone!

I highly recommend this protein not only to boost your fitness journey, but also to make sure you are getting the best nutrients in your day to day life.

Purchase your shake ---> HERE

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