Zion National Park

Because sometimes you just need a spontaneous adventure!
Last weekend we looked at our weather app and drooled at the sight of the warm weather down in the St George area especially with how cold it has been where we live. So we decided that day and after David got home from work we all hopped in the car and journeyed down south! We stayed at a nice Airbnb which was my first experience! Evelyn did soooo good which did my mama heart good. She slept the whole night! whoohoo! normally when you travel with a baby or toddler, sleep is always messed up but somehow she slept so good! The next day we spent the full day basking in the sun, hiking and enjoying the gorgeous views of Zion National Park!!! Last time we came, I was pregnant with Evelyn so it was her first time and she LOVED it! It was so fun seeing her point all around and then when she was out of the backpack she just wanted to climb rocks and play in the dirt and explore! She's definitely our daughter haha. We hiked the look out point and the emerald pools all the way to the upper emerald pool. It felt so good to hike! Hiking is by far my favorite form of exercise and with it being winter and then having so much pregnancy sickness during it, I didn't hike much! So now that I'm feeling better and warmer days are among us, it was so healing to hike! While we were down there, we actually got a call from David's parents who were on their way home from a vacation and they happened to be in southern Utah at the same time so we met up and got something to eat with them which was so fun and random! Also our friends happened to be down there the same time as us so we met up with them and hung out! It was a quick little trip but very needed! I love spontaneous adventures and I love Zions!


  1. Being outdoors is always a great break! Have you done the Kanarraville Falls hike? It's the best and my favorite in the southern utah area. I would say it's best to wait until June at the earliest to do that one.

  2. zions is such a wonderful place, these pictures are awesome! so glad you guys got this little getaway - it's such a big perk of living in utah!


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