We've got another GIRL joining our family!

Updating our family Selfie

Big Sister
Little.... SISTER!!!

That's right! Baby Swenson numero dos is a GIRL!!!! We are so excited! Our girls will get to be the best of friends being so close in age! Almost exactly 2 years apart to the day! ha! Guess what's super convenient and awesome about that? We are use everything we used for Evelyn because they will have the same size of clothes for the same seasons! score! David is totally outnumbered and he LOVES it! It was so fun seeing our baby girl. She has grown so much! It's really surreal going through pregnancy again. It really feels like dejavu especially cuz I'm on the same time frame as my pregnancy with Evelyn.
We already have a name picked out! We are weird like that, like we have all our future children's names picked out already ha! It very well could change but hey it's already stuck! And I'm not all secretive waiting to share the name haha We plan on naming her OLIVIA! I think that name is soooo cute! and how cute is this, so we can call her Liv or Livy and we call Evelyn- Ev or Evy. Doesn't that sound so cute together!? Evy and Livy!? awwwww little partners in crime, two peas in a pod! David really wants Olivia's middle name to be Wild.... so her name will be Liv Wild... I think it's cool but I'm still warming up to it. We shall see!!!

We love you baby girl!!!!

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