How to survive the first trimester of pregnancy when you have a toddler

I am finally in the 2nd trimester with baby number two!!! I feel like I've ran a marathon getting through the first trimester this time around. It's so true that every pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT and plus this time around I have a toddler to chase around. While pregnancy is such a miracle and we are SO EXCITED, pregnancy can still be HARD! 
I'm going to be open and honest with you... the last few months are been really dark, hard and emotional for me. I have been waaaaay more sick this pregnancy than my pregnancy with Evelyn. Nauseated almost everyday and all day long. Super tired and exhausted just wanting to sleep but I have a toddler that wants to play and gets into mischief so I have to constantly chase her around. My emotions all over the place! Bursting into sobs and also being super irritable. With it being the dead of winter here in Utah, it's been so cold dreary and bleak all the time so being cooped up inside hasn't helped either. 
Then with all that there's total mom guilt with feeling that way... 
But as I am now I've really found the light at the end of the tunnel because the sickness has eased up so much and some days the sun decides to shine as Spring draws closer! Looking back on my first trimester this time around, I wish I would have had someone prepare me for what it's like being pregnant with a toddler. So here are a few tips if you are currently going through the same thing.

1. YOU ARE DOING AWESOME. Girl, being a mom is tough and I know there are days when you want to just rip out your hair. And that mom guilt is so real and it's so easy to beat yourself up. Well guess what, it's ok if you child watches TV!!!!!! Or eats junk food!!! Sometimes the truth is, it's a real life saver. Don't let that mom guilt consume you. Those little sweet children adore you (even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes) and they need you. You are an AMAZING mom. Being a mom is the most selfless act of love so just know you are doing awesome.

2. IT'S OK TO REST. You are making a precious baby in that belly of yours while you've got another precious little one running all around. What to do?? Provide activities for your little one to be able to be entertained by themselves for a little while so you can rest. Have puzzles for them to play with or put on a show while you lay down on the couch. Find activities you can do with them while you get to lay down or sit down. If taking out all of your tupperware from the kitchen entertains them for a good solid 30 min, then let it be! The mess can wait. When your toddler goes down for a nap, YOU GO TAKE A NAP TOO! Back to what it was like with a newborn. The chores around the house can wait. 

3. IT'S OK TO GET HELP. If you are anything like me, the last thing you want to do is admit you need help because "hey I can do it all it's fine!" But I've learned that sometimes, you just can't. It's ok to ask for help! If you have family that lives close, ask them. If you need to get a babysitter, then do it. If you need help from a neighbor or someone in the ward, ask. People really are more than willing to lend a helping hand, so let them help you. 

4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This may seem obvious but I didn't understand the severity of it. In my beginning weeks of pregnancy, I was getting full on contractions! It really scared me. But being so nauseous, the last thing I wanted was anything in my stomach. Well, I talked to my doctor and he told me that cramping during pregnancy is often caused my dehydration. So he told me to make sure I am drinking enough water that when I pee, I pee clear. haha. So I've been really trying to increase my water levels and haven't had a contraction since. 

5. CIRCULATION. I know you feel sick. The last thing you want to do is exercise. It's the last thing I wanted to do too. But the days where I would at least go for a walk or find enough energy to go to the gym, it lifted my mood so much! Releasing those endorphins are life saving! Now by that same token, if you were accustomed to going to the gym regularly before you got pregnant, don't beat yourself up about not working out the same as you did before. Modify and take it easy. Your body is already working hard making eyelashes, fingernails little toes and everything!

6. TREAT YO' SELF. I know it feels like you never have time to yourself. Well let people help you and watch your toddler for a little bit while you go get a pedicure or go take nap or go shopping without kids. When you can't get a babysitter, get a yummy treat with your kids! Take "mini mind vacations" Go into the other room for a second, have a treat or soda, close your eyes, breathe, imagine something you love or love doing, then smile. Those mini mind breaks help me a ton! Remember to take time for YOU too. 

7. THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. I know it's hard. Feeling sick is the worst! and feeling like you can't get any time to yourself because you are taking care of your other child and family is exhausting. But I promise it does get better. That first trimester is tough. Once the second one arrives, most of the time the nausea goes away and you get back some energy and your hormones level out some. I'm finally there and I had no idea how hard the first trimester was going to be while having a toddler as well. But I did it. If I can do it, then of course you can to. You got this mama!!!

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  1. I love this advice! I can't wait to be pregnant again but it is a little scary, I already take naps every time my toddler does!


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