How to make homemade granola

This is THE BEST granola you will ever have! And it's so much for cost effective than going to the store and buying a box of granola. oh and did I mention that it is SUPER EASY TO MAKE! even better! I'm going to share with you my mother in laws recipe for this delicious and nutritious goodness. You ready??


1. 5 cups - 9 Grain Mix

2. 5 cups - Assorted Nuts & Seeds & Coconut ( YOUR CHOICE OF ASSORTMENT)
1/3 cup - Seseme Seeds
1/3 cup - Cashews
1/3 cup - Coconut
1/3 cup - Almonds
1/3 cup - Pumpkin Seeds
1/3 cup - Pistachio Seeds
1/3 cup - Sunflower Seeds

3. 1/2 cup oil

4. 1 cup - Honey

5. Assorted dried fruit (chopped)


- pre heat oven to 300 degrees
- Mix 9 grain mix and assorted seeds in large bowl
- add oil and melted honey until evenly coated
- Evenly spread across cookie tray and place in oven
- Turn the granola every 15 minutes for consistent toasting
- Let cook for an hour or toasted brown
- Remove from oven, spray pam on table and spread out granola to cool
- add 1 1/2 -1 1/2 cups of assorted dried fruit
- let cool until dry and crunchy
- Enjoy!

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