How pregnancy helped me lose weight

My fitness journey! It all began after I had my first baby! At first it was a quest to get my pre pregnancy body back but then turned into so much more! It changed into living a healthy LIFEstyle  Before I had my baby I had never had a consistent work out or knew how to fuel my body right. During my pregnancy I was not active, only with a few walks and mild hikes. So when I found BBG, it taught be how to take time everyday to SWEAT! How to train different muscle groups in my body! The Whole 30 really helped change the way I think about food and gives me guidance to my eating. That year of BBG was the most active I've ever been and it felt amazing!!! I completed two races, one of which was my first half marathon! Well here I am now expecting baby number 2! Sometimes I think, "that was so much work, am I really going to go through that all over AGAIN!?" And the answer is- I'd do it over and over again for my precious babies!! Motherhood is my greatest blessing! Yes it's tough but seriously the BEST! And plus I am anxious to see the difference this time around having muscle memory and actually having an ACTIVE pregnancy! I guess we will see how much it really helps haha this is my science project I guess! so how am I having an active pregnancy? My work out schedule is pretty much the same as bbg with stretching everyday.

Monday - Resistance Training
Tuesday - Cardio
Wednesday - Resistance Training
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Resistance Training
Saturday - Cardio
Sunday - Rest

 I'm currently using Good For The Swole pregnancy workout guide (HERE) to help guide me through pregnancy safe workouts  plus I am listening to my body and doing what's best for me and baby and resting when I need to. Cuz that's basically all I did first trimester anyways!!!! So all in all, becoming a mom was the push I needed to live a healthy lifestyle and I will thank my kids forever for it! My kids are my MOTIVATION not my EXCUSE! Here we go!  

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