9 Grain Mix

I recently got this 9 Grain Mix that my mother in law showed me and it has changed my life! haha! seriously. It's so awesome! 9 Grain Mix means that it has nine different grains in it! Loaded with nutrients! It has sooo much flavor and you can make so many great things with it! Lately I have made what's called "mush" which is like Oatmeal but waaaaay more flavorful and tons more nutrients! I also have made homemade granola! Recipe HERE.  annnnnd I must mention that both of these things have been great hits with my toddler! She loves them! Score!

Where do I get the 9 Grain Mix? 
So my mother in law showed me this hidden gem of a place that has AMAZING prices! They get in new stuff every week! You can sign up for their email to be informed what is coming that week. It is called ALPINE FOOD STORAGE and their website is www.alpinefoodstorage.com
So if you live in Utah, you are welcome because this place is BOMB! It's located in Alpine at a house actually! Their prices on their fresh produce is unheard of! If they are out of the 9 grain mix, you can call them directly and see when they will have some in. They usually carry it in both six grain and nine grain. The nine grain is a little more hearty than the six grain. Also the Bosch Store in Orem carries the six grain. Both places can usually get it within a day or two if they're out.

Breakfast Mush Recipe

2 cups water
1 cup 9 grain mix
dash of salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar (optional)
fresh fruit
granola (optional)

In a pot, combine water and 9 grain mix. add dash of salt and bring to boil.
Cook for approx. 20 minutes or until grain mix has absorbed all the water and is fluffy.
Stir in brown sugar.
Put in a bowl and top with fresh fruit and granola!

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