We've got ONE MORE Valentine to love this year. Baby Swenson number 2 coming in August!!! 

Thank you all for your sweet words and sharing your excitement with us about our growing family! Because we are SO EXCITED!!! 

Baby Swenson number 2 official due date is August 31, 2017 and my doctor said I can deliver a week early so that will be August 24th. I feel like it's dejavu because I am almost on the exact same time frame as my pregnancy with Evelyn!!! Evelyn's due date was Sept. 3 and she came early so her birthday is August 18th.... our babies will literally be 2 years apart almost to the exact day!!! maybe even the exact day! HA! I hope they don't have the exact same birthdays at least hahaha what are the odds!? August is a special month for our family! Here we go with another hot summer pregnancy haha wish me luck! We are so excited!

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