18 Months Old // Evelyn

Evelyn Dawn
18 Months Old

Our little TODDLER!!! I can't believe my little girl is 1 1/2! That big personality of hers that is so sweet and sassy at the same time. She is starting to say more words and phrases and communicate with us. She attends nursery now which is so nice! Starting to throw temper tantrums... but also loves to give the sweetest hugs and kisses. I like to describe her as my sour patch kid because she can be so sour then be so sweet. She had her 18 month wellness check up and she is doing great! It's so fun watching her grow! Though this doctor visit definitely was the toughest where her stranger danger and separation anxiety levels are at an all time high! Even one look at the nurse or doctor was quite the fiasco but we survived! ha! We love our Evy girl!


Weight: 25 lbs --- 77%

Length: 31.5 in. -- 35%

Head Circ: 48.5cm -- 94%

Diapers: size 4

Clothes: 18 months - 2T

Eye Color

Hair Color
Blonde. The other day I had a lady mention her "strawberry blonde hair" hmmm maybe sometimes is looks strawberry?? 

Words: Hi, bye, dog, this, ball, belly, dad, mom, please, thank you, yes, ya, no
Phrases: thank you mom, I love you
(granted some of these words and phrases only we can understand)

such a good little sleeper. Sleeps through the night and takes one nap a day. Though she did go through a phase for about 2 weeks where she battled bedtime and nap time like the plague. It was exhausting! But we got through that and she goes down happy. 
Bedtime: 7:30
Wakes up: 7am
Naps: anywhere from 45 min to 2.5 hrs

She can eat everything! She is getting so good at feeding herself and insists on it. Lately she is also refusing to sit in her highchair and wants to sit in the regular table chairs like mom and dad.... Little miss independent. She's been getting a little picky with her food..

Great! She had the croup in December but has been feeling great since then

goes to nursery now
likes to walk backwards
more talking and saying phrases
communication of understanding us

Looking forward to..
Spring time!!! I am SO OVER winter. This winter has been tough being pregnant and so sick and then it's been so gloomy. So I am excited when I can play outside with evelyn. Also looking forward to see if Evelyn is getting a little SISTER or BROTHER!

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