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Evelyn got the croup last weekend and a bad cold and it was so sad! There is nothing like your sick little one. It really does break your mama heart. And it's so hard when they are so little that they can't tell you exactly what is wrong, what hurts and what they want. It's the biggest guessing game.

What is croup??
  1. inflammation of the larynx and trachea in children, associated with infection and causing breathing difficulties.

Croup can be really scary because your child can have a hard time breathing.  It can come on super fast like it did for us. Here are what Evelyn's symptoms were

- raspy and barky cough
- runny & stuffy nose, really congested
- watery eyes
- sneezing
- fever
- sore throat (I know this because everytime she would sneeze or cough she would cry like it hurt)
- no interest in liquids or foods

The night it hit was rough! Evelyn didn't sleep pretty much at all. She would fall asleep for maybe 10-15 min at the longest and then cough and it would wake her up and she would cry. It was a long night! First thing I did in the morning was take her into the doctor. When your baby has croup, they can give your baby medicine or a shot that helps relax their throat and help them breathe. That's pretty much all they can do, so all of the cold symptoms on top of that you just have to wait it out and help ease the symptoms. 

So here is a list of things that really helped us through croup!

  • COLD AIR! Most of the time, croup happens in the winter. So bundle your baby up in a blanket and coat and go outside for them to breathe the cold air. During the day I bundled Evelyn up and put her in her stroller and we would go on walks. At night I would just go in our front yard or on our porch. 
  • STEAM: Go into the bathroom and give them a bath and you also just hold your baby outside of the tub and make the room really steamy. This will also help them breathe
  • HUMIDIFIER: Have a humidifier by their bed to help them breathe at night
  • MEDICINE: **make sure to always consult your doctor and get the right dosage** If your baby has a fever, you can help the fever go down and away with Baby Tylenol or Baby Motrin. We used Baby Motrin. Also for Evelyns other symptoms, we used Children's Benadryl. You can't give benadryl to really young babies. So make sure to consult your doctor!  
  • NOSE FRIDA: the nose frida works so much better than the nose bulbs to clear out your infants nose. Evelyn was so congested so this little contraption saved us! so recommend it
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: essential oils are a natural way to help your child. we use an oild blend called Ongaurd by Doterra. It's an oil blend that helps the immune system. Straight oil is too strong to put on infants, so you need to dilute it before you put it on them. I put 10 drops on the oil in a roller bottler and then filled the rest with fractionated coconut oil. I then put the oil on the bottoms of her feet and on her back. 
  • DIFFUSER: I like to have the benefits of essential oils both topically and aromatically so I love having a diffuser. I have one pretty close to Evelyn's bed and I would diffuse the Ongaurd oil all night.
  • BABY VIX: putting baby vix on your childs chest can also help them breathe. Just make sure they don't touch it because you don't want them to get in in their eyes.
  • LIQUIDS: make sure to ALWAYS have water available for your baby. You don't want them to get dehydrated. I got worried because Evelyn had no interested in drinking or eating. So I would try and get her to drink anything- water, milk or juice. My pediatrician said as long as they have a wet diaper every 12 hours. 
  • SLEEP: sleep is probably the best thing for your child. it is hard to get them comfortable to sleep but try to relax them as best as possible and get them to stop crying because the crying only makes them more congested, in more pain and plus it's just sad! cuddle with them on the couch and all of the items I listed above will help them sleep as well. 
  • KEEP YOURSELF WELL TOO: chances are you are going to be holding your baby 90% of the time, cuddling them and comforting them. they will be coughing on you and so inevitably you might get sick. Make sure you are washing your hands and using hand sanitizer and doctoring yourself up with vitamins and essential oils as well. I also recommend taking airborne. I wish I would have taken this precaution more seriously because now I am sick haha. So make sure you take care of yourself as well! 

I hope these little tips help you if you are reading this and your baby has croup. Croup can get really bad, so if they are really having a hard time breathing then don't hesitate to take them to the hospital. But try and get to the doctors ASAP and the things I listed above will help until you can get there and after you go as well as you are helping them feel better.

annnnnnnd back to her happy normal self!!! love that smile!

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