I started my fitness journey a year ago so happy KAYLAVERSARY to me!!! I seriously can't believe it. Like what!? You might be wondering what 'kaylaversary' means, well it means I hit my anniversary of when I started my fitness journey using Kayla Itsines BBG program. I started BBG after I had my baby at 6 weeks postpartum and I wish I would have done measurements because screw the scale right!? My weight isn't a massive difference, I've gained a lot of muscle I had never had before, I've gained an understanding that a healthy lifestyle means balance, I've gained a self confidence I've never had before with not only being healthy but with sticking with something and working hard! And I've gained so many lovely friends through BBG this past year! I'm really thanking my past self for making that decision to live healthy. I can't believe a year flew by!!!! A year might seem so long and overwhelming, I remember it did to me! I remember being so frustrated with how far I THOUGHT I had to go and it always discouraged me. So enough was enough and I decided I wouldn't focus on that. I always have tried to just focus one day at a time, be proud of myself for doing my work out that day and just trust that my efforts are doing something! I promise they are! My journey has been far from perfect. I have learned SO MUCH!!! I have learned that living a healthy lifestyle means BALANCE. It also means enjoying the journey and celebrating the small victories everyday. Learn to love yourself now. Yes real progress is slow but it's happening and sure enough time is passing so might as well live a healthy lifestyle!!! Thank you Kayla Itsines and thank you to the BBG community and all my BBG sisters for helping me along the way! 

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