Baby Evelyn // 12 Months Old

Evelyn Dawn
12 Months Old
***1 YEAR OLD***

MY BABY IS A YEAR OLD! This past year has been the fastest year of my life! I can't believe that a year ago Evelyn came into the world and made us parents. I love being her mommy and I love seeing David be her daddy. She brings us so much joy and happiness everyday.

Weight: 21lbs 14 oz --- 79%
Length: 29.8 inches --- 71%
Head Circ: 46.2cm --- 83%
Diaper: 3
Clothes: 12 months and some 18 month old things

Eye Color
little miss blue eyes

Our little blondie! It's getting longer and thicker and starting to curl! I am able to put her head in a little pony tail on top of her head and it's so cute! Also little piggy tails!

Right now sleep is SO AWESOME! knock on wood. She has been going to bed with a bottle all by her self and then sleeps the whole night! It has been so nice from the hard time she had teething getting those 8 front teeth in and then some sickness. I'm just bracing myself for the teething days of molars coming in... I hear it's rough haha

Anything! I love seeing her try new foods. Her favorite food seems to be cottage cheese. She ALWAYS eats it and seems the most eager to eat it over anything else.

Her health has been great for the past little while! She threw up once one night but then was fine! 

sippy cup
clapping her hands
giving high fives
walking with our help
getting into everything
cottage cheese

loud and low noises. she's so tenderhearted and gets her little feelings hurt!
face and nose and hands wiped
being bored

walking along furniture
putting her arms in a praying position
blowing kisses

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