Baby Evelyn // 11 Months Old

Evelyn Dawn
11 Months Old

My baby is almost A YEAR OLD! It's so crazy how fast this past year has flown by! Evelyn is growing up so fast and we just love her so much. This past month was a crazy one, Evelyn got sick for the first time. First she got a stomach bug that gave her a horrible yeast infection. Then later in the month she got croup. It's the saddest thing everrrrrr when your baby is sick!!! Oh and to top everything off Evy got three new teeth.... so sleep has pretty much been non existent this past month hahaha but we made it! Evelyn has learned so much! She learned how to sit up by herself from laying down. That same week she learned how to pull her self up to a standing position and loves walking while we help her. She also learned how to clap her hands and give high fives. We enjoyed the 4th of July, swimming and a trip down to Moab this past month. Our little Evy girl brings us so much joy!

Weight: 20 lbs  
Length: 27.75 in. (last month)
Head Circ: 45.3 cm (last month)
Diaper: 3
Clothes: 12 months - she's outgrowing everything!

Eye Color
little miss blue eyes

Light brown and looks like she might go blonde. It's also getting longer and getting some curl behind her ears. So cute!

this month sleep has been tough because of illness and teething. But her sleep has definitely been changing. She has been transitioning to one nap a day. I think she's a bit young for that! But she's been refusing to take more than one lately. She also has been going to bed later like around 9pm or 10pm and then sleeping in until about 9am. 

she will eat anything. getting tired of 'baby food' and prefers anything we are eating. She also has not wanted her bottles this past month. I think it's because she got both of her top two teeth in and didn't like the feeling of sucking on a bottle. So I would have to give her formula with her rice cereal to get her to eat it. She also looooooves her sippy cup.

tummy bug and then croup this past month. so so so so sad! But she's better now!

sippy cup
clapping her hands
giving high fives
walking with our help
getting into everything

loud and low noises. she's so tenderhearted and gets her little feelings hurt!
face and nose and hands wiped
going to bed
being bored

sitting up from laying down
pulling herself to standing position
walking with help
high fives

first 4th of july
first clapping
first sitting up by herself
first croup :(
first time pulling herself to standing
first time hugging

Looking forward to....
Evelyn's first camping trip!
my first half marathon
starting my own business being a rep for SHOP STEVIE
Evelyn learning to walk
more summer fun

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