Baby Evelyn // 10 Months Old

Evelyn Dawn
10 Months Old

Whoa we are up to double digit numbers now! I can't believe how fast time is going. We have entered a whole new phase of life with Evelyn. She is super active now with army crawling and rolling ALL over the place. She is into everything and just wants to experience everything. She wants to put everything in her mouth... scary! I am having to constantly entertain her these days and she gets bored quick. She's tired of all her 'toys' and so I have to be creative with finding things with her to play with which the best things are not 'toys' at all like a water bottle, the vents, keys etc hahaha We sure LOVE our little busy bee!

Weight: 19 lbs  
Length: 27.75 in. (last month)
Head Circ: 45.3 cm (last month)
Diaper: 3
Clothes: 12 months - she's outgrowing everything!

Eye Color
Blue and they seem to be getting lighter

light brown and totally going blonde and sometimes it even looks a little bit strawberry blonde?? cute!

Her sleep training has seemed to vanish most nights these days.. *sigh* I feel like we have a newborn again sometimes! Teething is rough and so sad! Also this little lady has fear of missing out bad!!! So the whole going to bed thing has become dreaded for her. She will cry when we put her down and if we just bring her out to the living room in her swing she will usually fall asleep there cuz she's with us. She just doesn't want to miss out haha. Ya we were totally spoiled the past 5 months when we sleep trained her. I am not looking forward to re-training her. As far as naps, they have been harder too. I wonder if she is transitioning to one nap a day? It's usually still two naps a day.

sometimes this little stinker is such a picky eater lately! And she will just throw her food on the floor... haha and just try to grab the spoon when I am feeding her or swat it away and make the biggest mess. sometimes I have to hold her arms down to get her to eat haha. She loves to munch on crackers and grated cheese and cottage cheese. Drinks out of a sippy cup. wants whatever we are eating.

TMI-- This past month Evelyn got her first yeast infection and it was sooooo sad. It started with the most acidic diarrhea ever. I thought it was because I gave her some of a peach I was eating because sometimes fruit gives her diarrhea but now I think she had a little stomach bug because it lasted a few days. Well she developed the WORST diaper rash that would bleed which then turned into a yeast infection. I had to get her a prescribed ointment and it healed after a few days but those few days were tough!!! I couldn't even wipe her with out her screaming. We had to first try to calm her tummy so we had to only feed her very bland things like rice cereal and saltine crackers and her bottle to keep her hydrated. It was hard because for a couple days every time she pooped I would have to put her in the tub to rinse her off because I could not wipe her poor bum. The nurse told me not to use wipes so when I did need to wipe I just made my own with water and paper towels. Then when I gave her baths I would put baking soda in the water. When she finally healed it was such a miracle! There is nothing like having a happy baby, because when they are sad its the saddest thing in the world!

playing peek a boo
when dad comes home. She gets the biggest smile and kicks her legs and wiggles and reaches for him
new things to play with
when you hand her a cracker
scrunching her face

loud and low noises. she's so tenderhearted and gets her little feelings hurt!
face and nose and hands wiped
going to bed
being bored

plays peek a boo
army crawls
leans in for kisses
drinks from sippy cup
says "up"
stands up by her self while holding on or leaning up against something

first time to outdoor pools (yay summer!)
first time waving
first time to strawberry days
first yeast infection :( -- that was horrible
first time saying 'up'
first time leaning in for kisses

Looking forward to....
David's first FATHERS DAY
my first race
4th of July

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