California 2016

David and I went on our first vacation outside of Utah together since we've been married! David's work Social Dental took us to Disneyland, whale watching and the beach and spoiled us rotten with delicious food! We had such a blast! It was my first time to Disneyland and I thought it was super cool. It got me all excited to take Evelyn one day when she's older. That was one thing about the trip that was hard-- being away from my BABY!!! This was our first few day trip away from her and I was having major Evelyn withdrawals. I missed her soooo much. Every time I saw or heard a baby my heart just leaped. I didn't even know what to do with myself hahaha though I am so glad that David and I got so spend some great time together. On the trip I had a little cold that turned into a sinus infection and David sprained his ankle at the beach bahaha so things could have gone smoother but it was super fun nonetheless. I love everyone that we were with and it was fun getting to know everyone better. I'm so grateful for David for working so hard so that we could go on this fun trip and I'm so grateful for Social Dental for being such a huge blessing in our lives.

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