Kanarreville Falls

We went on our first little family getaway! We went and stayed in Cedar City and hiked Kanarreville Falls. It was sooooo fun, and very much needed. We were so proud of little Evelyn. She actually did really good sleeping in a hotel and she did excellent on the hike! Staying at the hotel was a little tricky with a baby because Evy goes to bed so early. So we put her packnplay in the bathroom and we brought her white noise machine. So after she went to bed we had to use the bathroom down in the lobby hahaha. But it worked for us. Maybe next time we take her to a hotel we will have a better system. David and I enjoyed being able to relax and eat dinner in bed and watch Netflix together when Evelyn went to bed. We binge watched the new season of Dare Devil. Sooooo good! The next day we went to the pool and it was fun because it's the first time David has been to the pool with Evelyn. We brought a fun little floaty toy for her to sit in and it was so cute! Then after she took her nap and ate, we went and hiked Kanarreville Falls! It was such a rad hike! It was my first hike through a slot canyon! In the slot canyon your feet have to be wet and oh my goodness this time of year the water is freezing! Our feet froze off but it was worth it for sure haha. It took us about 3 hours there and back and we took it slow and even stopped for a picnic and Evelyn did SO GOOD! She didn't complain once! I think she just loved the change of scenery or something! When we got back we went out to eat and I love that Evy is at an age that she can eat with us. It's fun giving her food off of our plates and seeing her reaction to the new foods. It was super nice to getaway and enjoy some family time. I am excited for more family getaways and hikes with Evelyn and David!


1) Get the Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier back pack! We have the third one. We found a great deal on it on KSL. Seriously the best child carrier back pack out there. Comfortable for your baby and for the person carrying them.

2) Make sure your baby has a good nap and eats before you start your hike. You want to make sure your baby is in a good mood and creates a happy memory of it so that they will like hikes in the future.

3) Things to bring: BE PREPARED! Bring items that would be in your diaper bag. Diapers, wipes, bottle, extra clothes, snacks, hand sanitizer etc. Also bring a blanket! We had a little picnic to give Evelyn a break and so we were all able to sit on the blanket while we ate and rested.

4) Water. Your baby needs to stay hydrated as well. If your baby is big enough to sit up in the child carrier, then they are big enough to drink from a straw. Bring a sippy cup with a straw so that they can have water too.

5) Protect your baby's skin from the sun. Put sunscreen on your baby and a hat and if your child carrier has a sun protector, even better!

6) Take your time and enjoy! Hiking with your baby is a whole new experience and so much fun!

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