Family Photos 2016 // Anchored Image Photography

How time flies! Evelyn is already half a year old! Babies change so fast so I wanted to get some family pictures to document my little 6 month old. We are in love with these photos by ANCHORED IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and little Evelyn was a champ! It was pretty windy the day we took photos so Evy was cold, poor girl! And I have never seen her so serious haha probably because she fell asleep in the car on the way to the location and so she was confused when we woke her up. But we still were able to see her little cheesy grin come out in some of these photos. I love my little family so much. I will cherish these photos forever! Thank you Ari with Anchored Image Photography!


  1. Your cute little baby girl makes me so excited to have my own!! Cutest family xx

  2. i love these!! also you rock purple hair so well haha.


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