Baby Evelyn // 7 Months Old

Evelyn Dawn
7 Months Old

I feel like we are in a whole new phase of parenthood! This age is so much fun!!! I feel like the first 6 months is a stage and now we are on the second stage. Babies change soooo fast I can't believe it! Evelyn is learning and growing every day. She is such a happy little girl and pretty much anything makes her laugh. I am pretty sure she is teething and that is so sad, she doesn't have any teeth yet though. She is rolling all around now and at night I wish we could do a time laps because she rolls all over her crib at night. She has three main emotions- happy, sad and now anger. She has learned to growl and grunt when she is angry. She laughs so much too and her laughter is becoming stronger. She is overcoming her 'stranger danger' and is pretty much comfortable letting any one hold her now. I think Evelyn is strong to look more and more like David. She brings us more joy than I ever thought possible. We just love our little Evy girl so much!!!! 

Weight: 17 lbs
Diaper: 3
Clothes: 6-12 months

Eye Color
Blue and keeps turning to a lighter blue

light brown. keeps getting lighter and I think she will go blonde

Ever since we sleep trained her she sleeps the whole night. Goes to bed about 7pm and then wakes up between 6:30am-7am. On average she takes two naps a day, a morning nap and early afternoon. Our little vacation kind of threw her off her schedule so we are trying to get back on a schedule. Babies thrive off of schedules!!!

LOVES trying new foods! When we first started introducing foods to her she wasn't so sure but now she seems happy to try anything! It's fun when we are at restaurants and we can give her little bits of food off of our plates. I love seeing her reaction to new foods.

blowing bubbles with her lips all day
playing with her daddy
rolling around
water, splashing around
hikes. I think she loves the change of scenery
watching our dogs play

getting her faced wiped off after eating
teething :( 
going to bed too late 

rolling over both ways and now being able to be mobile by rolling
drinking out of a straw
growling- new emotion, anger
belly laughter
getting better at being able to hold her own bottle

First time to the pool and loved it.
First time on a family vacation
First long hike in the Deuter Kid Comfort backpack. a 3 hour hike
First time sleeping in a hotel

Looking forward to....
Easter and getting together with family
Spring time and everything that comes with it, warm weather and flowers
General Cnonference
Our first vacation just mommy and daddy and it will be our first vacation outside of Utah
Evelyn learning to crawl
Evelyn getting her first teeth

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