10 things to help survive the first 6 months of becoming a new mom

I cannot believe that 6 months has FLASHED before my eyes! My baby is half a year old already!!! Holy smokes! I have been reflecting on the past 6 months and the whirl wind that it was becoming a mom. With its challenges and joys, everything was so new! I don't think anything can really prepare you for motherhood, you have just got to be pretty much thrown in the fire and figure it out and do what works for YOU! You are in total survival mode. I am a first time mom and I want to share a few of my favorite products that I feel helped us survive these first 6 months of parenthood. Everyones situation is different and every baby is different, but this is what worked for US.


1: Baby Swing! Evelyn lived in this swing for the first 3 months of her life. She did not like her bassinet but loved this swing. It would rock her to sleep and play white noise sounds.  It's portable and so I had it right next to our bed. Then as we transitioned her to her room she slept in it until she was comfortable sleeping in her crib. -- This particular swing is a graco swing. you can find them at Target or Amazon. My mother in law got it for us and I think she got it as Costco.
2: Baby Brezza! This is for formula fed babies. I wasn't able to breast feed Evelyn long and always had to supplement to fill her tummy. So when I started using all formula this little gem saved our lives! It's like a coffee maker for babies hahaha. It prepares the perfect bottle at the right temperature and everything! All with just the push of a button. It really helped and still helps us. Especially when we were doing night feedings. It's super quick making the bottle. --- I got the Baby Brezza from Target but it's also on Amazon.

3: Zippadee Zip! Evelyn never loved being swaddled. She would always break free and HAD to have her arms up above her head. When she was 3 months old we got the zippy and it helped sooooo much! It keeps your baby warm and they have full access to their arms and legs. And because babies can feel the edges of the zippy it helps them feel secure almost like in the womb and they don't get that 'falling feeling' that jolts them awake thus helping your baby to sleep longer in the night and take longer naps. Evelyn still sleeps in her zippy and I love it because she rolls all over her crib now a days and I don't have to worry about loose blankets or her getting cold from kicking her blankets off. -- you can get the zippadee zip HERE
4: Pacifier Clips! What would we do with out pacifier clips!? Evy loves her binky but sometimes she just spits it out randomly she these ensure it doesn't fall onto the floor. Not only do we love using pacifier clips for her binky's but also for toys! We attach toys to her and it's the greatest thing. --- you can find pacifier clips pretty much anywhere. We got some teething ones with teething beads as the string off of etsy that we loooove.

5: Essential Oils and Diffuser! These oils have helped little Evy so much and I've been putting them on her since she was about a month old! With babies YOU HAVE TO DILUTE THE OILS!!!! The oils straight is waaaaay too concentrated and strong for babies. So what I do is I bought roller ball 10ml bottles off of amazon and fractionated coconut oil. I take a dropper and drop 10 drops of the desired oil in bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle up with fractionated coconut oil to dilute it. The oils that I have used on Ev is ONGAURD - to help her immune system and knock on wood she's never gotten sick! DIGESTZEN - to help with upset tummy. SERENITY- to help her be relaxed and sleep better at night. Every night since like day one I have diffused OnGaurd. I have been so diligent with that and I think it's really helped her not get sick. So that is why I LOVE diffusers. --- you can get oils HERE 10ml roller bottles HERE and a diffuser HERE

6: Undershirt and socks! K this might seem redundant and obvious BUT I feel so strongly that it is so important that babies ALWAYS were these things. They are so little and get cold- They are not moving around like us adults. So I learned from my mom to always have Evy were and undershirt and socks. Yes she even wears socks under her pajamas! always always always. And again knock on wood, Evelyn never got sick her first 6 months and most of those months were in the winter! I really think that this helped. --- you can find undershirts and socks anywhere haha

7: Gripe Water and Gas Drops! Most babies experience some degree of tummy aches the first few months of their life and it can make feeding time so sad and stressful. Evelyn had a little colic and bad tummy aches. Gripe water and gas drops helped soooo much to calm her tummy along with the digestzen oil I would put on her. When her tummy issues finally resolved around 4.5 months is was soooo nice but until then these saved us. ---- you can find Gripe Water and Gas Drops at grocery stores.

8: Play mat and Jumperoo! I feel like these two play items are a must. The mat when she's smaller and the jumperoo when she got a little older. We love these at our house even if they do take over our front room hahaha ---- You can find these on Amazon and Target
9: Bumbo! Ok the bumbo has literally been sooooo nice to have. Evelyn loves to sit in it while I do the dishes and clean and watch me. Also while I get ready for the day. She also sits in it until she is big enough for her highchair as she starts eating new foods. The bumbo helps us so much! --- You can find this bumbo at Target or Amazon

10: Nose Frida! This little invention is a life saver! It looks and seems gross but it's not! Works soooo much better that the bulb. In the winter a slightly runny nose happens and this little thing gets it out quick and easy! ---- You can find this on Amazon and Walgreens. probably other places too but that's where I know.


  1. This is sooooo helpful!!! Thanks for sharing it!!

  2. I SWORE I would never have one of those gi-normous plastic "jump-a-roo" things over-taking my living room....

    Ella's has sea creatures on it, and she loves it. Hahaha....Our girls are pretty close in age (9/25/15) so I enjoyed this post. Yes to the nose-frita! :)


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