You had me at hello

We celebrated 4 years of being together this month! We met on February 4, 2012 at a music party and we always celebrate! We went out to eat, went to the Midway Icecastles and then a movie. It was our Valentines celebration as well. But for Valentines, David got me the most beautiful bouquet ever!! It's so gorgeous and brightens our house! He also got me some beautiful jewelry. I got him some super rad skinny ties and a tie clip. We went out to eat and brought little Evelyn with us. We found a restaurant that has REAL Japanese ramen!!! David has been searching for a ramen place since he got home from serving an LDS mission in Japan and has now finally found it! It's Asahi in Orem. When we got home and put Evelyn to bed we made sure to carry on the tradition of having Oreos and milk while watching a movie. I sure love my husband. David is my very best friend and I'm soooo glad our lives crossed 4 years ago.

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