The longest sled ride

I haven't laughed as hard as I did in December when we went on a snowy adventure. Our adventure consisted of snow shoeing up to HorseTail Falls and then sledding back down! Straight sledding for like 30 minutes! Now that's a ride! The funniest part was our dogs running down with us trying to get out of the way. Good times and so much fun! Thanks Dave for for the adventure!

It was seriously soooo fun! We dropped Evelyn off at grandma Swenson's house early in the morning and started our journey. We wanted to leave early so we wouldn't run into many hikers. We snow shoed up Dry Creek Canyon in Alpine to Horse Tail Falls for a good couple hours with sleds tied to our backs- so be prepared for a good workout! Our snowshoes created like a snow luge. We we got to where we wanted to go we got on our sleds and the luge we created shot is down the mountain for like 30 minutes straight!! You go pretty fast! So much fun! We are definitely going to be doing that again! 

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