Paige Avenue Boutique

I have a real treat for you guys!!! Paige Avenue is a DARLING boutique with a mission that I LOVE! Their mission is all about bringing confidence in women and helping to lift and inspire. They have high-quality, modest and fashionable clothing that can't be found at a regular retail store. Being a first time mom I often find myself in a rut of feeling down on myself and always just wearing my husbands clothes, having messy hair and no make up and baby spit up all over me. Well, I've learned that it feels SO good to dress up sometimes. To dress up in the right thing that brings you confidence and that is ACTUALLY modest AND cute. Thank you Paige Avenue for helping me find that confidence!

Here's the treat for you, Paige Avenue is giving YOU 20% off their store!!!

code expires 1/14/2016

I know you you will love Paige Avenue as much as I do. HAPPY SHOPPING! Go treat yoooo-self


  1. you look adorable in that outfit...and your hair!!!! blonde looks so good on you!

    1. aw you're so sweet thank you! haha ya the blonde is a HUGE change! I've never been so light!


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