Baby Evelyn // 5 months old

Evelyn Dawn
5 Months old
Weight: 16 lbs

Every month the first year of a babies life really is like a birthday because they change SO MUCH each month. I feel like Evelyn changed a ton this past month. My little baby girl is growing so fast! She has the sweetest, tender hearted, bashful personality. 

Diaper Size: Size 2

Clothes Size: 3-6 months starting to fit into 6 month old clothes

Health: Evelyn is getting over her first little cold! It hasn't been that bad THANK GOODNESS. She has just had a runny nose and been a tiny bit congested. I got sick and I think I gave her the cold :( :( :( so sad! But she is getting better and has been happy the whole time through it. Except when I have to wipe her nose-- she hates that! haha

Sleep: Evelyn has learned to sleep through the whole night!!!! HALLELUJAH! We did sleep training and I'm so proud of Evelyn! I have a blog post on how to teach your little one to sleep through the night HERE --- Evy is definitely not a night owl but she is a morning bird. She gets so cranky at night haha so her bedtime is early! She is usually to bed between 7-8pm and then she wakes up at about 7am sometimes 6:45am probably because she can hear David getting ready to leave for work. 

Diet: Evelyn has overcome her tummy issues!!! YAY! It was hard for awhile to even get through a bottle. Her tummy troubles started to resolve when she was 4 1/2 months old. So because her tummy has been doing so good, we celebrated with introducing rice cereal to her for her 5 month birthday haha. She's starting to get the hang of it but it kind of makes her frustrated I think, because she's not able to swallow as much and as fast as when she drinks a bottle haha. and it's soooooo messy. But she is learning to open her mouth and swallow. Every day she gets better!


  • -LAUGHING! She fills our house with the cutest baby giggles now and it's SO CUTE! I love her little laugh so much and it's so fun to make her laugh.
  • -She found her feet and her ears
  • -Sleeps through the whole night
  • -started sucking her thumb
  • -started rolling over!! She's done it probably 7 times but forgets how to still. tummy to back
  • -started eating rice cereal
  • -plays with toys. she can hold them and tries to chew on them
  • -she has become so aware and interested in what we are doing
  • -discovered her voice has different pitches and can make different noises


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