2015 is a year I will never forget because it's the year I became a MOM! I am so excited for the new year and one of my favorite things to do is make my new years resolutions. Here is a recap of our 2015

We had just found out that we were expecting our baby Evelyn a few days before the new year. I will never forget the feeling of seeing those two lines appear screaming... PREGNANT! The rush, shock and excitement that floods through you when you find out you're preggers is unreal! That month I got sick a few times but I actually felt pretty good. I remember being soooooo tired though, like I could fall asleep anywhere. I spent a lot of time doing yoga and Dave and I took a trip down to Arizona and then Zion National Park. It was my first time ever hiking there and I loved hiking Angels Landing!

We announced our pregnancy! I was sick a little this month too. Morning sickness is no fun, except it shouldn't be called that. It should be called 'all day sickness' hahaha. We also got a Nintendo 64 and enjoyed playing Zelda and Golden Eye together.

We were crazy and got another dog. It was actually a really awesome decision because one dog is soooooo much easier than two, at least in our situation. Remi or mini aussie was an inside dog and she was so hyper and shed a ton. We wanted to make her an outside dog but felt bad having her be by herself. So when we found Leah, she came with a dog run and dog house and she was already trained and the same age as Remi! So they just play together all day and keep each other and then are so much fun when we take them on adventures. I am so happy to have outside dogs especially with having a baby. This month we also found out we were having a GIRL! We had a fun gender release party at our house with our friends and family.

This month I started to show! It was nice to actually kind of look pregnant instead of looking like I just ate too many burritos or something haha. Dave also did the Adventure Extreme Triathlon in Moab. I also hit the half way point in my pregnancy and this is about when I could start feeling littler flutters in my stomach as I was feeling Evelyn move. I also started working where David works at Social Dental.

This month I tried to start my own etsy shop with handmade all natural beauty products... it didn't last long haha.  I was also enjoying working with David at Social Dental. Hit 6 months of pregnancy and we went on hikes.

They had to redo Evelyn's anatomy scan because she would not move during her 20 week scan so they couldn't get a good look at her heart. So this month I got to see her again and this was my last ultrasound before she was born. My belly was getting big! and my feet were starting to disappear. We took my maternity photos up American Fork canyon and it was so fun dressing up for it. David's sister had her twin girls. It was fun being pregnant the same time as her and that our babies are only a couple months apart. My mom threw me my first baby shower.

By this time I was really starting to waddle around and swell up. Being preggo in the Summer is HOT! I couldn't reach my toes anymore so David would paint my swollen little feet for me. We went to fairs and enjoyed the 4th of July with family. I LOVED going to the pool because it totally lifted the weight of my belly and felt so good. I also had a little anxiety attack when I couldn't feel Evelyn move. I got a nonstress test at the doctors and Evelyn was just fine! wheeeew! David ran the Spartan race and I can't wait to do it with him this year! Even though I was huge I could still hike! We went camping up in the Uintas and I experienced my first painful contraction up there after a long walk we went on. Talk about a scare! I didn't want to have our baby in the middle of nowhere! But everything was fine but we did go home the next morning haha I wanted to be close to the hospital.

Beached whale by this point. hahaha Daves mom and my sister in laws threw me a baby shower and also my work did! We finished the nursery and then it was BABY TIME!!! She came 2 1/2 weeks early and I was so glad haha. Evelyn was born and we became PARENTS! It was the most surreal experience of my life!

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and we were adjusting to parenthood and lack of sleep. I was recovering from delivery and as I did I was able to go on mild hikes again. At the end of the month Evelyn had her baby blessing and it was so sweet! She also turned 1 month old! I got a perm.

Evelyn turned 2 months old and was changing so fast! Halloween came and we dressed up as partners in crime ad Evy was our bag of loot! Having a baby for holidays is so much fun. We went on more hikes and enjoyed General Conference.

I chopped my hair and it made life so much easier! I turned 24 years old and David totally spoiled me for my birthday and sent me on a whole day extravaganza! We spent the night in Park City so it was our first night aways from Evelyn. We got our first family photos taken and Evy turned 3 months old! Thanksgiving came and we ate tons!

Christmas festivities began! At the beginning of the month there wasn't much snow and it wasn't that cold so we were still able to hike a little.  Evy turned 4 months old. Christmas came and then David's 26th birthday. I wanted him to experience a day like he gave me so I sent him on his own all day extravaganza! We stayed the night at the Zermatt Resort and it was so fun! Then I made a huge change and went blonde! I've never been so light! We did some fun winter hikes when the snow came and welcomed in 2016


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  1. Your blog is soooo cute! And your hair. Oh my gosh. Did you like having your perm? If so can you tell me where you got it done??


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