Baby Evelyn // 4 Months Old

Baby Evelyn
4 Months Old
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz -- 49%
Length: 24.5 inches -- 53%
Head Cir: 41.5 cm -- 77%

How did the last 4 months flash before my eyes so fast!? Wasn't I in the hospital yesterday giving birth!? It's crazy! Evelyn is growing so fast! Her 4 month Dr. appointment was yesterday and she is doing GREAT! I was really nervous for her shots but she was so brave and I was a little more brave than last time haha. I made sure to rub her legs really good this time and gave her tylenol and she was just fine! My tough little girl. Her little personality is so darling! She has such a sweet spirit and hands out smiles like candy. She does this bashful smile where she shrugs her shoulders and looks away and it melts meeeeeeee.

Diaper Size: Size 2

Clothes Size: 3-6 months

Nicknames: Evy, Ev, little miss, eveeelynnn, munchkin, stinker

Health: Great!!

Sleep: I think she hit a little 4 month sleep regression because she was waking up a lot in the nights. There was even a little bit where she was waking up every. single. hour. in. the. night. but then she stopped and is now sleeping 8-9 hr stretches and then another 2-3 hr stretch. WHOOHOO!

Diet: A little crazy. She was being quite fussy on the Enfamil Gentlease where she was straightening her legs and crying every time I would feed her and she was constipated a lot so I decided to change her formula to Similac Sensitive. Her bowel movements definitely changed and things seem to be getting better! She still gets fussy sometimes so I've found that Gripe water helps TONS! I'm not going to try and give her solids probably until about 6 months because she has had a sensitive stomach. I have noticed that her appetite isn't as big as it was. She doesn't eat as much or as often but loves eating tons before bed. She probably knows she'll be asleep for awhile and is prepping or something haha. I thought she was teething and that maybe that was why she hasn't been wanting to eat as much but the Dr said he can't see any teeth. Wouldn't it be nice if babies could just tell you what they want or what's bothering them?? Biggest guessing game everrrr. 


  • - her bumbo, watching mommy do the dishes and get ready for the day
  • - munching on her hands all day long
  • - lip rolls and spitting all over
  • - trying to hold on to toys and try to put them in her mouth
  • - playing with mom and dad
  • - car rides
  • - binki 
  • -bath time
  • -change of scenery, new things to look at. bright colors


  • - tummy time for too long. The boppy helps tons!
  • - still getting boogers sucked out but she hardly crys during it anymore!
  • - shots :( me too!


  • -Reaching and grabbing toys on her play mat! If we put a toy in her hand she will hold it and try to munch on it but it doesn't stay in her hand too long. 
  • -a few giggles but she hasn't let out the laughter that's just waiting to bubble over behind all her huge smiles
  • -her own version of lip rolls that consist of showering mom in her spit haha
  • -overcoming a sleep regression
  • -her head is rounding out! At her 2 month appointment her head was looking pretty flat in the back and I was kind of worried. I have been trying to get her to sleep on her sides switching off each night but she still wiggles onto her back in the night. At her 4 month appointment her doctor said her head is looking so much better! yay! 
  • -splashing in the tub. She loves kicking her legs and it's starting to get water everywhere haha

Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! David's birthday! The New Year and making new years resolutions! Getting Evelyn's laughter to bubble over! 

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