Feelin 24!

It was my 24th birthday on November 3rd and David sent me on a whole day extravaganza!!! First he gave me a note with an address to just show up to in the morning and when I got there I found myself at Kneaders with my good friend Georgia there! We ate the delicious French toast together and then she gave me another note with an address to show up to. When I arrived I found myself at Massage Envy and it was all set up for me to get a full body massage and facial!!!! Totally pampered! Then I met up with David and Evelyn which then I was surprised when we met up with my parents for lunch at Carrabbas! Yummmm. Then my mom took Evelyn and David took me on a massive shopping spree! I totally got my shopping fix in and David just carried my shopping bags following me around Haha! What a guy! We then drove up to Park City and he surprised me with a night there!!! And we had the best time! We stayed in the nicest room I've ever stayed in and had so fun hanging out on Main Street and ate at Davanzas! Holy smokes did this guy pamper and spoil me to the extreme! It was our first night away from Evelyn, thank you soooo much mom and David's mom for taking care of our baby! I don't know how I got so lucky to have David in my life. thank you my davey for the perfect birthday! I love you!!!

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