Back at climbing!

Our date night this week consisted of going to the climbing gym! It's been soooooooo long since I've been climbing and I've missed it so much! Like A LOT! Before I was pregnant Dave and I had passes to Momentum Climbing gym and would go climbing multiple times a week. Then when I got preggo we canceled our passes and it was one of the things that I missed most while being pregnant. Well now here we are with our little Evelyn and went to the climbing gym for the first time in a long time! Dave has a pass now to the Quary and they have free friend Friday's and also you can bring someone one day free once a month. So I can go at least 5 times a month with him. I decided to get a pass to Vasa Gym instead because of the Daycare. Climbing is so fun! But it was kind of sad going because I feel like I pretty much have to start ALL OVER! All my old climbing skills and muscle have vanished. My calluses are of course gone so my hands were killing and it was tricky even doing a V0 bhahahaha when before I was doing V4's. It felt like my first time climbing everrrr. **sigh** oh well! Now I am determined to get back into climbing because it's super fun! It's my favorite form of exercise because it's just solving puzzles and it works your whole body while doing it. We brought Evelyn with us and it looked like she enjoyed watching all the climbers. I am so excited for the day when she will be able to climb too!

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  1. So cool that you're able to get back at the things you love to do! And so cute that little Evelyn was there to witness!


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