Baby Evelyn // 3 Months Old

Baby Evelyn
3 Months Old
Weight: 12.5 lbs

Diaper Size: Size 2

Clothes Size: 3-6 months

Nicknames: Evy, Ev, little miss, eveeelynnn, munchkin

Health: Her health has been AMAZING! Dave and I got so sick and I was having so much anxiety that Evy would get sick too but thankfully she hasn't. I KNOW prayers have been answered.

Sleep: FINALLY sleeping the whole night! Can I get an hallelujah?! She sleeps 8-10 hr stretches, eats and then sleeps another 3-4 hrs! For the most part it's being pretty consistent but then there will be a short night every once in a while. She goes to sleep at about 8:30 pm every night. As far as naps go she HAS to have at least one good nap in the day or else she gets super cranky at night. It's getting a little harder to get her to nap though and she's becoming the queen of cat naps... she is really happy when she gets two good naps in the day though. 

Diet: Enfamil Gentlease. Still in LOVE with the Baby Brezza. Seriously if you are a mama who has to use formula like me, get the Baby Brezza- it will change your life!!!


  • - being held
  • - telling us stories
  • - binki, like she loooooves it so much
  • - car rides
  • - bath time
  • - sitting in her bumbo.... but not for too long
  • - colorful TV shows
  • - her play mat

  • - tummy time
  • - boogers sucked out
  • - me leaving her in the other room for a sec
  • - loud noises. like the blender- she's so tender hearted!
  • -big crowds of people and being held by someone she doesn't know. I think she's experienced stranger danger for the first time and was super unhappy when I took her to a bridal shower the other day and people wanted to hold her. So she really must be able to recognize people now. 

Milestones: Tons of milestones this past month! I feel like Evy has changed so much this past month. She smiles a ton now. She talks talks talks and talks some more. Her little cooing is soooooo cute. She swats her toys on her play mat now and acknowledges them. She can sit up by herself in her bumbo now. She sleeps through the whole night in her crib. I also think she is starting the whole teething process because she has been drooling like crazy and munching on her little hands a lot.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!! Also for the snow and to put up our Christmas tree. I'm so excited to hear Evelyn's laugh and giggles.


  1. Those cheeks!! Oh she is so darling! I'm still so obsessed with her name. Totally fits her!

    1. Thanks so much!!! Yes those cheeks are sooo kissable!!


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