Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from partners in crime with the best bag of loot everrrrr!

To be honest I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Well at least the 'scary' part of Halloween. I haaaaate scary movies and spooky gross decorations lol. But I do love dressing up and going to parties to hang out with friends and seeing everyone's costumes! And now that Evelyn's joined our family I think I may just enjoy this holiday more each year! It was so fun playing dress up with my baby and husband! This year we are robbers and Evy is our bag of money. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on costumes so I just put ours together and made Evy's! It's so easy! 

DIY Baby bag of money Halloween costume

Pillow case
Black permanent marker
Play money

How to:
All I did was cut down the old pillowcase so it wasn't so huge. Then a few inches down I cut little holes to thread the twine through so that the bag can be tightened. Then I drew on the bag a dollar sign with a think permanent marker. I made sure paper was underneath cuz it does bleed through. Then I just googled "play money" and printed off some and stapled them to the pillowcase! 
Then you have the cutest bag of loot ever!

So easy!

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