Baby Evelyn // 2 Months

Baby Evelyn
2 Months Old
Weight: 10 lbs 14 oz ---- 36%
Length: 22.5 in. --- 49%
Head Circ: 39cm --- 71%

Diaper Size: Size 1

Clothes Size: 0-3 months

Nicknames: Evy, Ev, Stink Bug

Health: Her health has been AMAZING!

Sleep: We are getting closer and closer to Evy sleeping the whole night. She's done it before but it's not consistent. We've been doing a nightly routine and I can tell it's helping. There are good nights and bad nights but the average is Evy just waking up once in the night to eat and then goes right back to sleep. So we are close so I guess it will just come with age!

Diet: I breastfed and pumped up to 7 weeks. I went as long as I could, I didn't produce enough milk alone so I was supplementing as well because she drank a lot. I also got mastitis and had to get antibiotics for that.  Now we are using all formula, Gentlease Enfamil. It was hard and actually really emotional.


  • -bath time
  • -car rides and looking out the window
  • -binki
  • -when daddy sings to her
  • -snuggles
  • -having her arms free


  • -getting her boogers sucked out
  • -her shots :(

Milestones: Has been sleeping really well. Slept through the night but not quite consistent yet. Usually wakes up just once in the night to eat. Started sleeping in her crib like a big girl!

YOU: are 2 months old! • had your baby blessing this past month and it was so special • are growing so fast I bet you will grow out of size 0-3mo clothes so soon, some are already getting too small! • love bath time and the warm water • love car rides and staring out the window, you get fussy if we are parked for too long but once the car is moving again it makes you happy • have been blowing bubbles with your spit and it's pretty adorable • slept through the whole night but it was short lived, let's make the whole night thing a habit eh?  • get startled sooooo easy and flail your arms and open your eyes super wide, it makes us laugh • hate getting your boogers sucked out, but who wouldn't hate that?? • purse your lips together a lot • still have to always have your arms free • cooing a lot and it's so cute! • love snuggles

ME: can't believe how much you've changed in just two months • started exercising again with the BBG challenge and I'm so sore I really am like a MOMzombie, but it hurts so good it feels so good to get in good workouts! • I got a perm and colored my hair all dark again though some days I want to chop it off cuz it gets in the way plus you grab onto it a lot • want to fit in my pre-preggo jeans so bad, I'm getting real done with leggings • anxious to see how much you've grown at your dr appointment next week cuz I swear you change over night every night! Not looking forward to your shots though • love taking you on hikes • love love love being a mom 

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