Baby Evelyn // Blessing Day

Sunday September 27, 2015 was a very special day because it was Evelyn's Baby Blessing that day! She wore my baby blessing dress! I'm pretty sentimental that way, I wore my mom's wedding dress for my wedding and then I had Evelyn wear my baby blessing dress. I am so grateful to be married to a man that honors his priesthood and was able to bless our baby girl. He gave her the sweetest blessing - the spirit was so strong. In the blessing it said that Heavenly Father brought her here at this time and in this specific place to fulfill a specific calling. She was blessed to fulfill that specific calling. I feel that is so true because we felt so strongly last December that we needed to start our family and then she came right away, she was meant to come when she did! It also said in the blessing that she will feel the love of her ancestors and they will protect her and that she will feel the love of all those around her that love and care for her. When I was in labor I got a priesthood blessing from David and his dad, it also said that our ancestors were there to basically help. I can't remember the exact wording but I feel that it was true. I know that our loved ones that have passed on are our guardian angels. I have an aunt that passed away before I was born, so I have never met her but I have always felt a closeness to her and I know she is like a guardian angel to me and now also to little Evelyn. We have other family members that have passed on that we feel that with too. David also said that the word that kept coming to his mind was 'compassion'. Evelyn's little soul is so precious and she's so full of compassion. After the blessing we got together with our family and friends at the Swenson pavilion for a brunch. It was so great seeing everyone and we are very grateful for our families and for their love and support. The Swensons and Hullingers are AMAZING! My mama heart is so full! Real joy comes from God and it comes from the family. Nothing brings me more happiness than my little family. 

This one is of me! Wearing the same dress. I think Evelyn looks a lot like her mama.

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