Baby Evelyn // 1 Month

Our little Evelyn is 1 Month old today!!! I can't believe a whole month has already flown by. Having her with us is SO SURREAL! I. am. a. MOM! I can't get over it. I wish I knew her exact size but I won't know that until every even month for the first year... sigh... but at her 2 week appointment she was 7lbs 11oz and almost 20in long. So she passed up her birth weight and length which was awesome!

This past month has been CRAZY! and I mean crazy in every way.
Crazy amazing that Evelyn is here, crazy we are parents, we are crazy in love with her, it's crazy how your body can function on such little sleep, figuring out breast feeding, pumping and supplementing has been crazy, healing while having a newborn has been crazy, I started to get mastitis which was crazy, David has been crazy busy at work, we had our 3rd wedding anniversary which was crazy it's already been 3 years, and it's crazy the month just flew by! hahaha ok enough with the crazies.

  • -umbilical chord came off when Evy was about 1 1/2 weeks old
  • -she rolled over from her stomach to her back at 2 1/2 weeks old
  • -she sleeps 5-6 hr stretches on good nights
  • -we are finally getting on a schedule which is making everything so much easier
  • -Evy HAS to have her arms free
  • -she loves to sleep on either mine or David's chest
  • -poo-explosions are no joke, we switched to size one diaper and it helps tons
  • -she eats and burps really good
  • -Evy went on her first hike with us
  • -we have to keep her hands covered or immediately she'll pull her hair & scratch her face
  • -she seems to really like bath time
  • -we started having her sleep in her room at about 3 weeks old and I can't stop staring at her through the baby monitor to make she she's ok
  • -she huffs and puffs and snorts when she is hungry and sounds like a little piggy
  • -she loves when David sings to her and just relaxes almost instantly
  • -Evy loves to snuggle and be with us
  • -she's starting to smile and it's SO CUTE!



  1. Apparently I missed a ton of your posts and things but I just read this and I love it. So exciting to see all the changes and it's so fun at the same time. She's adorable!



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