Camping - Uinta Mountains

We got a get away this weekend up the Uinta Mountains. My family has been going up for the annual "Hullinger Camping Trip" every summer my whole life! We love camping but I'll be honest, camping when you are 8 months preggo isn't very comfortable hahaha. I felt like a turtle on it's back or a water buoy when I was trying to get up from from our bed- and when you are pregnant that happens quite a bit with potty breaks. Plus I got a little scare because David and I went for a nice walk and then I am pretty sure I experienced my first painful contraction! I've never felt one of those for sure, all I know is it was painful and uncomfortable. So I am feeling more at ease and happy to be much closer to civilization and the hospital now being this far in pregnancy lol. I feel like a time bomb.

Camping was way nice though to get some quite time. David and I got to just relax on the hammock with the soothing sound of the river and fall asleep in each others arms. David also caught his very first fish!!! I was so proud. And the fish was HUGE for a river fish. Compared to all the other fish my dad caught and cooked up, David's was a monster! It was awesome. Our dogs were in heaven as they ran around and played. It was great to see my relatives on my dad's side of the family. I'm so excited for next summer when our little baby is here and can go camping too!

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