Baby Swenson // 35 Weeks

35 Weeks
size of a coconut
about 17-18 in long
weighs about 4-5.5 lbs

How far along: 35 weeks! I am like a time bomb! A ballon that could pop at anytime, a beached whale, a turtle stuck on it's back... large and in charge!! We are getting so close to welcoming our sweet little babe into the world! She is due SEPTEMBER 3RD but we very well could welcome her in August!!

Total weight gain: 33 lbs. and still gaining everyday because baby is growing like crazy! I weigh about as much as David now haha... that's the weird part! I don't know how some girls only gain a little weight, either they are lying or trying to make us all feel bad! bahahaha. I have tried to stay active and eat good but I still have been blowing up like a balloon. Everyone is different and it's just temporary!
Maternity clothes: silly question. YES. 
Stretch marks: my tiger stripes have arrived! (real life) *sigh* I noticed around 33 1/2 weeks tiny ones coming in on my hips. I haven't seen any others though. But I have gained a new perspective from the cutest fellow momma-to-be Ray "Stretch marks are a woman's body's trophy for creating a human being!" And I am pretty proud of my body for working so hard with God to make our little angel. 
Sleep: Getting uncomfortable. My once a night potty trip has turned into at least 2 or 3 times a night now and my hips ache so I have to switch the sides I'm sleeping on through out the night and I feel like a giant steam roller every time I do! 
Best moments lately: I can feel baby Swenson's hiccups! She hiccups a lot now. She also reacts, meaning I'll feel her pushing on one side of my stomach and I'll feel her and then she will move. Some times I'll put my hand on my stomach and she will press into it. When we talk to her she squirms and moves around. SO SURREAL! Our little baby! 
Miss anything: shopping for new clothes. I haven't wanted to waste money on any more maternity clothes so I've taken over David's clothes mwahahaha.
Movement: Yes! Miss rollie-pollie-ollie. I love when I can feel a distinct part of her body pressing on the side of my belly like her back, bum, elbo or foot. I just wish I could have an ultra sound everyday and see what I'm feeling!
Food cravings: peaches!
Anything making you queasy or sick: the heat. oh the heat. my hands and feet are like ovens. It's so weird because I've never had great circulation in my hands and feet... especially my feet where they would ALWAYS be cold and I would wear socks to bed and bundle up in the blankets to my neck. Now I can't stand socks! ew. barf. and I sometimes sleep with no blankets! haha. 
Have you started to show yet: I don't think you could miss me from a mile away. I'm a waddling- big- with- child- mama- to- be.

Gender: girl!
Labor signs: Braxton hicks all the time and I've been getting uncomfortable contractions through out the day that feel like period cramps but tons sharper. Achy achy achy a lot. It's true what they say about the third trimester... uncomfortable! Get this baby out!
Belly button in or out: out! haha! well kind of. you can totally see my belly button through my shirts. I don't mind when people feel my baby bump but I do HATE when they touch my belly button!! I have the worst phobia with belly buttons. I have had that phobia before I was preggo and now that my belly button like sticks out, it's insane! It makes me squirm!
Wedding rings on or off: on, but I'm definitely swollen. Like where did my ankles go? 
Happy or moody most of the time: happy and excited!! though if I'm taken by surprise I may just start crying. hahaha
Looking forward to: Becoming a MOM! I know our little girl will be here before we know it! I'm excited for the Swenson baby shower this weekend and then finishing the nursery and getting the last minute things we need for our baby! The countdown is on!

Here are some of my favorite pregnancy memes that make me laugh so much because they ring so true!! Enjoy!

These videos also make me laugh way hard. Enjoy!

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