How to remove Geotags on Instagram

I want to bring your attention to something that I think is SUPER important. Your privacy on social media! I thought I was being safe on instagram, facebook, twitter etc. and especially on instagram I would add locations to my photos and I realized that a custom location I made pinned where I was which was MY HOUSE! Meaning my address was right there in the public. It actually scared me and stressed me out because you never know just who is viewing your pages and there really are creepers out there even if we'd like to believe everything and everyone are baskets of roses. With our little baby on the way I've been thinking a lot on how I can protect our family and my little girl on social media.

Now I'm going to show you how to remove geotags on instagram. If you are more savvy than me, and you already know what is on your photo map or you set your profile to 'private', this post isn't for you. This post is for all of my instagramming friends who may not have realized their photo maps are full of locations that should probably not be publicly known. Home, work, etc. because I didn't realize it!

On your Instagram profile, your Photo Map is located here.

Tap 'Edit'

Your geotagged photos will ben be selected. Tap 'Edit' again.

You'll be met with a grid of your photos and only two buttons appear.
 "Select All" and "Deselect All." There's no wording about removing
geotags or deleting location data at all. It's not obvious,
but you'll want to Tap "Deselect All"

Tap "Done"

You'll be met with a pop-up message confirming that you want to
remove X number of geotags. Click "Confirm" and your
historical whereabouts will be wiped from the map. phewwww.

You can double check your work by going back to
your profile and clicking on the photo map icon again.

If you've been thorough, you'll see a message telling
you that "there are no geotagged posts." GOOD WORK!

There you go! I had deleted most of my geotags before I decided to do this post, so your photo map might have a lot more locations than just 4. You can tap into different locations and delete just the photos from certain locations, or you can just do all of them like I did. 
Now to prevent all geotags from your social media sights you'll need to change the settings in your phone. Here is how to change your Location Settings on your iphone!

In your settings, tap on "Privacy"

Tap "Location Services"

Find which ever apps you want to change preferences
 on, in this case it's Instagram.

Choose "Never" and now you don't have to worry about
your location ever being pinned or tagged!

If you wish to remove all Location Settings on your
phone, a quick way is to move the switch
 to OFF on "Location Services"

It's not a perfect solution. Ideally, it's still fun to tag public places so that you can click through and see what photos other users have taken at a scenic spot without having to worry about revealing the exact coordinates of your home at the same time. However, you can now have peace of mind!

Another thing I have learned is that it isn't a good idea to Instagram, Facebook or tweet while you are traveling. Post after you return! Because you're letting the world know that you're gone and that your house is empty. And DEFINITELY don't document when your husband is out of town and you're home alone.  That with your photo map showing where you live and it's an easy opportunity for a burglar or creeper!

Social Media is fun but remember to be safe! Do you have any good social media safety tips? I want to hear them! Let's be safe and keep some details of our lives unavailable to the public!

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