Hello 3rd Trimester!

Hello 3rd Trimester! The last stretch of pregnancy! CRAZY! The 2nd Trimester kind of just flew by and I am so grateful that I felt really good during the 2nd trimester, I didn't get sick once that I can remember. (let's cross our fingers that it stays that way!) So many big things happened like I finally got the baby bump instead of looking like I just had a food baby all the time like I did in the first trimester. We got to see our baby girl several times at ultrasounds. I finally was able to start feeling our baby move and on top of that David can feel her move now too! That's a surreal feeling for sure and it always takes me by surprise when she kicks. Bring it on 3rd trimester! We are so excited to meet our baby girl!!!

28 weeks
size of an Eggplant
about 14 in. long
weighs about 2 1/4 lbs
How far along: 7 MONTHS! 28 weeks and I am officially in the 3rd trimester! Whooohooo!
Total weight gain: 25 lbs!!! Yep that's right. I was shocked when I went to the doctors and saw that number exactly. No wonder I feel like I'm moving like a slug lately, I'm carrying around 25 extra pounds than I am use to! I am trying to stay as active as I can but I still researched and the internet says average weight gain for a pregnancy is 25-35lbs.... I've still got just under 3 more months to grow. Oh goodness... Feeling very large and in charge! lol
Maternity clothes: yes. let's pretend I'm not in my husbands clothes most the time now. -_- I just wanna be comfortable so his clothes are the comfiest and then leggings and dresses.
Stretch marks: nope! cross my fingers it stays that way.
Sleep: Sleep is going good! Just the routine potty break in the night and weird/intense dreams. I'm tellin ya, body pillows make such a big difference!
Best moments lately: David being able to feel our baby girl move! I also had my glucose test and everything came back great! That was good news. And by the way, that drink is not as bad as everyone says, it just tastes like strong sugary Hawaiian Punch. At my doctors appointment I am measuring right on track and baby's heart beat sounds healthy and strong! They did tell me that I am a little anemic and to bump up my iron intake in my diet.
David's sister had her twin baby girls yesterday!!! They are so precious. I am so excited for cousins so close in age to our baby! They will only be a few months apart!  It's just so crazy to me that our little girl will be joining us so soon!
Miss anything: The usual. It's getting hard to bend over to put on shoes or paint my toe nails and total frontal hugs are getting real awkward hahaha.
Movement: YES! Every time she kicks it takes me by surprise! I am starting to feel her roll when she shifts position. David can feel her move now too! It's been pretty exciting.
Food cravings: just all food. nom nom
Anything making you queasy or sick: no not really which is nice.
Have you started to show yet: Just call me a blow fish.... or a beached whale. that's how I feel- how can this belly grow for a whole other trimester!?

Gender: girly girl
Labor signs: nope but I think I may have finally felt a braxton hicks contraction but I can't be sure since I don't really know what to feel for. 
Belly button in or out: in but it sure is looking tight! My whole belly is tight.
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! 2nd trimester was great.
Looking forward to: Baby showers!!! My mom is throwing me one this weekend and then David's sweet mom is throwing me one this summer too! I am so excited and so grateful! I am also looking forward to meeting our BABY! Although the thought of delivery scares me so much. I need advice, strength and courage. I just have no idea what to expect! All I hear is - "Labor is the most painful thing I've ever been through." or "I just couldn't believe how much pain I was in." or "labor was so long and so miserable." or terms like 'episiotomy' & 'foresepts' & then 'emergency c sections'.  etc etc........ ummmm GULP!!!!!! First time mommy here and I am nervous. Please any moms out there with words of strength  send them my way!
Yes I am nervous for a number of reasons but my excitement to meet our precious baby girl and become a mom outweighs all my fear.


  1. You are such a perfect pregnant person!

  2. YAY! I just hit 28 weeks today and am welcoming it with open arms! I also am feeling the beached whale and loving my swollen kankles too :/

    It is do funny that you say your husband's sister just had girl twins! My sister is having her girl twins in about 4 weeks! So fun :)


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