Baby Swenson // 30 Weeks

30 weeks
size of a Cantaloupe 
about 15.5 in. long
weighs about 3 lbs
How far along: 30 Weeks!! The countdown is officially on! 10 weeks to go~ Maybe less? haha. But then again, the countdown has pretty much been going on since the day I found out I was pregnant.
Total weight gain: 26 lbs- yep
Maternity clothes: yes. everything. or I just wear david's clothes.
Stretch marks: nope!
Sleep: really good still! My hips and back are a little sore in the mornings but nothing too bad! I hope it stays that way because I love sleep so much.
Best moments lately: My mom threw me a princess themed Baby Shower! It was so fun and I am so grateful for my family and loved ones for their support. I also went to the pool for the first time this summer and it was AMAZING! The water totally took the weight off my hips and back and I felt like a new woman! It was therapeutic and I want to go to the pool all the time now!
Miss anything: I am starting to really miss my pre-pregnancy body... I don't really recognize myself right now! hahaha
Movement: YES! and every time I feel her it makes me so happy and relaxes me knowing she is ok. I had quite the anxiety attack this week when I wasn't feeling her move. (More on that experience HERE)  But all is good and baby Swenson is doing great!
Food cravings: Fruit and corn on the cob. yummmm
Anything making you queasy or sick: When I get too hot. Oh being preggo in the dead heat of summer is so fun...
Have you started to show yet: yes. I am a balloon.

Gender: girly girl
Labor signs: I'm pretty sure I've felt braxton hicks a few times. Just the tightening of the stomach then it releases?
Belly button in or out: in and my my stomach is getting tighter and tighter like a beach ball!
Wedding rings on or off: On though I am definitly seeing my body starting to swell! My ankles are a whole other story! If I've been on my feet all day I totally have cankles bahahaha
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but I have been experiencing anxiety. I just want everything to be ok!
Looking forward to: Putting the nursery together. Who knew baby furniture was so dang expensive??? Luckily yard sales have been good to us and we've been finding hidden treasures! But we need to sand down and paint the furniture. I'm also looking forward to upcoming Holiday's like the 4th of July and Camping! And also the Swenson side of the family Baby Shower!

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