Rainy Hiking Days

Sometimes rainy days make the best hiking days.

Today we went up American Fork Canyon and it really was a breath of fresh air! We absolutely LOVE the mountains and the fact that they are practically in our backyard but ever since I got pregnant we haven't been as much as we normally do or would like to because I get way more tired than usual and plus you know that thing on how life gets busy? haha. Well the mountains are like our refresh button for life and we finally went up the Canyon even though it was so wet and rainy! It was actually a blast and our dogs were in heaven. We were hiking along Granite Flats trail and where we were hiking wasn't too steep which I was glad about since I am carrying almost 20lbs more than I am use to! It was so beautiful and green! I am trying to stay as active as I can be during this pregnancy but it's so crazy how things that wouldn't even phase you before totally wipe you out being pregnant! And I just want to eat and sit haha cookies seem to constantly be calling my name! But my favorite things to try and stay active is going for walks and mild hikes.

PS. I also noticed that this is my 100th blog post! Celebration!!! 

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