10 Things to have a comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a miracle bringing our precious little babes into the world but let's face it.... it's not all that pretty all the time, it is hard work and is pretty uncomfortable. Your body is going through changes unlike ever before and so are your emotions! Change is pulling at you in every way. I have tried a lot of different remedies and here is a list of 10 things that I have found to help make my pregnancy be a little more comfortable!

These sandals are sent from heaven! They have more support than any other shoe I've had. They are also so easy to just slip on and off- there's no hassle of trying to bend over to put them on. They literally save my feet and back from walking around all day! They are sandals, so if you are pregnant during the warmer months-I highly recommend these shoes!! Though even if it's cold I will wear them with socks sometimes....ha! I know these shoes can be quite pricy,  like at Nordstrom they sell around $130-$160 wheeeew! Although I am a lover of these shoes that is mighty steep for shoes. But good news is I know where to get them for a really awesome deal and that is at sierratradingpost.com They have awesome deals on their product and they sell Birks! That's where I got mine for $40! You have to keep an eye out for the sales and then if you sign up for their newsletter they will usually send coupons on top of the sales so you can get wicked good deals!

When you are pregnant and you get sick, you just basically have to wait it out because you can't take like any medication practically! I got a really bad cold my first trimester and I was absolutely miserable on top of the morning sickness. Essential Oils SAVED me! They are an all natural and a holistic way of healing. I specifically use DoTerra oils and the ones that helped me a ton was the blend BREATHE when I was all stuffed up and also the blend ON GAURD which is a natural immune system booster. All of the oils are amazing and there are many uses for them. They give me peace of mind knowing I am safe and also my baby is safe while I use them. I am definitely going to use them when my baby comes too! I get my oils at mydoterra.com/natalieswenson

I use my diffuser almost EVERY NIGHT! They make it possible to diffuse essential oils in the air and you get the benefits of them aromatically meaning you smell them. I have my diffuser on my nightstand right by my head. I diffuse oils when I am am sick that help clear my sinuses and help me sleep, ones that help clean the air of any impurities and oils to help balance out my mood and just plain old smell AMAZING making an awesome room freshener. I got my diffuser from the store My Oil Business which I highly recommend because on the low setting, my diffuser runs all night long whereas I know of others that just run for an hour or so. There are also great diffusers on amazon.com

As the belly grows pants start to become very uncomfortable! That's why I am in LOVE with having a muumuu to sleep in! Yes I kinda feel like a granny wearing it but I don't care! It's so comfortable! You don't have the elastic band from pajama pants digging into your hips all night. I got mine from Walmart for $15 though I am sure you can find night gowns at a lot of different places.

I heard a lot of people talk about pregnancy pillows when I got pregnant and kept the idea in the back of my head. When I was into my second trimester I started getting hip pain in the night and also my lower back ached. When I looked up pregnancy pillows I didn't like the prices I saw and just thought, 'I could get a cute outfit with that money or something! -I don't want to spend it on a pillow!' But the pain persisted and then my mom was like, "I have a long pillow, you should try sleeping with that." So I did and YES IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! My hip and back pain went down so much and my nights became so much better! It's not a standard 'pregnancy pillow' but it does the job and it much less expensive! I found a body pillow at Target for $10

Forget pants! Dresses are so comfortable when you are pregnant. Like the muumuu, you don't have to have a band digging into your hips all day. I found T-Shirt dresses form Target that I LOVE! It seriously is so comfortable and it's long enough you don't have to worry about it hiking up your legs. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be HOT and I am so glad to have these dresses!

Sometimes you just need pants though... but if you are going to wear pants, then wear leggings for comfort! I have found the most comfortable leggings from agnesanddora.com ....seriously so soft! They have solid colors as well as a ton of pattern ones to change up your outfits. Super cute!

Since being pregnant I have become more aware of what products I am using and what is in them. "Is it safe for my baby!?" A lot of products have harsh chemicals in them that I was using everyday! I really love beauty products since I've been working in the beauty industry for almost 6 years and now I love natural solutions. So I actually started making my own homemade beauty products that are ALL NATURAL with essential oils. It's been super fun! One of my favorites is my body butter that I put Lavender and Frankincense in that naturally helps prevent stretch marks! They best thing you can do to help prevent stretch marks is to keep your skin hydrated- especially if you live in a dry climate like I do! You can find my body butter and other natural beauty products at my etsy shop! esty.com/shop/remedieswrapped

It's hard to stay active while you are pregnant, at least it has been for me. When I was first preggo I was actually doing a lot of yoga and then I got sick and it started to get uncomfortable and now I've got this big baby bump that is heavy! I am trying to stay as active as I can by going on walks and mild hikes and let me tell you how important support is! I was introduced to the Belly Sports Bra from beobeimaternity.com and I am in love with it! It gives you so much comfort and support while you work out. Not only do I like to wear it while I work out, but also just under my clothes to give my belly and back support through out the day!

Of course drinking water is so important while you are pregnant as well as all the time! I have a designated water bottle that I carry with me every where! Definitely makes life easier and this pregnancy a little more comfortable.

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