50 miles of Fun turned into 34 miles of throw up


The time finally came for the BIG Adventure Xstream Triathlon in Moab! Mountain Biking, running, repelling & kayaking! Remember a year ago when I said I wanted to do this race too? Ha, well I'm pregnant now so not this year! David did the race with his dad and two of his brothers. I am so proud of these four men and have so much respect for them! This race really was extreme!!! The weekend actually turned into a giant scare fiasco for ME though! My Davey got HEAT STROKE!!! And the worst part is we had no phone service and so I had no idea for hours upon hours. David was throwing up nonstop and couldn't keep anything down. We waited for 5 hours at the finish line past the expected arrival time and hardly any racers were coming, something was definitely up. When Dave's dad & brother Sam finally crossed the finish line, the race worker people with walkie-talkies were like "oh you're part of the Swenson group? Someone in your group is really sick." WHAT!? They didn't even come try and find us! We were there for hours and there weren't even that many people at the finish line! We rushed out of the canyon to find my poor Davey dehydrated, past the point of sweating and curled over in pain. People in the race had called an ambulance. Ummmm wife over here freaking out! Where was my wife's intuition!?!? Why couldn't I have known my poor husband was suffering and needed help!? Well... there was no way we could have known. It's never happened before and Dave did this race when he was 17 years old. Still I was feeling like I should have had known! The paramedics took care of David and luckily all of his vitals were good. David's dad and brother gave him a Priesthood Blessing and we got him some popsicles to help raise his blood sugar and we were able to make it home that night. My testimony of the power of the Priesthood grew even more on this trip. It was amazing to witness David feeling better after the blessing and color returning to his face. 
We are all upset with the Adventure Xstream Triathlon though. They told the racers how long each section was but each section was significantly longer! How can people prepare & train for that? You can't carry that much water. They said the race total was around 48-55 miles and it ended up being about 65! That's a pretty BIG distance to not be prepared for. There were around 250 total racers to begin the race but only around 50 actually finished the race. The paths were not marked and many racers went the wrong way for miles. There were no water stations. So Ya, protective wifey over here was a bit upset too. They changed the route of the race this year and clearly it was a mistake if that many people did not finish. David is such a trooper, even with heat exhaustion he kept going until he hit his wall at 52 miles! I'm so proud of him and I am so glad he is ok and we are safely home now! 

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  1. that sounds horrible!!!!!! i'm glad he's okay, and you're the cutest protective wifey ever!

    xo, k


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