20 weeks! half way there!


10 INCHES Long
Weighs 10 1/2 OZ

How far along: 20 weeks! Have I really been pregnant 5 months now?? In some ways it feels like this pregnancy is taking FOREVER and then I am like, "Whoa! Is there really a baby in there the size of a Banana already!?" 
Total weight gain: about 10 lbs. I'm starting to blow up like a balloon! It's hard to look at the scale at numbers I've never seen them at before, but I have to remember there's a baby inside this girl!
Maternity clothes: Yep! I'm loving dresses. Leggings are always a staple. I am finding that even my night shirts are feeling a bit small so I've been wearing David's shirts to bed.
Stretch marks: nope! Hopefully genetics play in my favor but I am also using essential oils with my lotion to help prevent.
Sleep: This is new! My hips start hurting in the night so I have to switch sides that I'm sleeping on multiple times during the night. I'm told it's because my hips are expanding? I may need to get a pregnancy pillow.
Best moment of this week: Reaching half way in this pregnancy! That's such a mile stone! And who knows, maybe I'm already more than half way if Baby Swenson decides to come early. We shall see! Also we went down to Moab for David's race and he got Heat Stroke! That was scary but I am so glad he is ok!
Miss anything: Seeing David do his triathlon and be all super active makes me wish I could be doing stuff like that! I miss mountain biking and rock climbing- High impact sports. But it's got me goal minded for how to get back into shape after Baby Swenson arrives. I REALLY want to train for the WOMAN OF STEEL TRIATHLON next year! 
Movement: Yes! I believe so! I feel little twitches and flutters. That's got to be Baby Swenson right!?
Food cravings: Fruit and juice! Then again I feel hungry most the day and will eat most anything.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Strong smells.. and our dogs! They are so stinky to me. Overall though I've felt really good during the 2nd trimester.
Have you started to show yet: Yep! Little Baby Bump! It makes it feel so much more real!
Gender: GIRL!!! We are probably going to name her Evelyn Dawn Swenson. We had such a fun gender reveal party with family and friends!
Labor signs: nope
Belly button in or out: In... but I have noticed that my belly button looks tighter and not as deep? haha Does that make sense?
Wedding rings on or off: On. When we were in Moab this past weekend we went shopping and I was trying on all this beautiful jewelry and my regular ring sizes were tight! My fingers were a little bit swollen. I wonder if it was the heat or the pregnancy.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pregnancy emotional roller coasters are real. I feel like I get stressed out easier and let stuff really worry me. But overall I am HAPPY! Being pregnant is an amazing experience and I am so glad I've been feeling good during this trimester!
Looking forward to: The big 20 week Anatomy Scan next week! I am so excited to see our baby girl again! I am also anxious to feel her move more as well.

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