Doggie Duty--Seeing Double


I spy with my little eye a NEW DOG and a SMALL BABY BUMP! Lots of change around here! It's pretty crazy that we just got doggie #2 but it kind of just fell into place. Remi has been an inside dog, though she is a very active dog and needs to be entertained 24/7 plus her fluffy soft coat of fur sheds tons so we've wanted her to be an outside dog but felt bad cuz she would be lonely. We've had the thought of getting another dog in the back of our minds for quite awhile but the thought of being pregnant and training a puppy just didn't sound fun at all... We were searching KSL classifieds for a Dog Run so we could keep Remi outside during the day with fresh air and room instead of leaving her inside in her kennel when we are gone. Well, all the dog runs were super expensive. I was just browsing the pets and came across one and clicked on it and it said this dog came with a dog run, dog house, dog kennel, dog bed, dog food and the dog all for a waaaaay awesome deal!!! We called them up and just set up a time to go meet the dog and next thing you know we came home with another dog! Our new dog is named Leah, she is a 1 year old border collie/kelpie and just looks like a short haired Remi haha. The lady that was selling the dog was super nice, the dog was her sons and he went to go live with his dad in South Carolina and couldn't take the dog so she was left to take care of it, so if she was going to find a new home for her, she didn't want all the dog stuff left behind. She works all the time and the dog has just lived in their back yard it's whole life so we are happy to give Leah a good home loaded with adventures! She had never even been in the mountains before so of course we took her our first day of having her. She is already house trained and trained for outside as well. A well tempered dog and Remi and Leah have become the best little buddies and thank heavens they keep each other entertained all day long and now we can have outside dogs! Whaaahooo! I feel a lot better about that with having Baby Swenson. I guess it's true what they say, two dogs is easier than one dog!

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