Toadstool Trailhead & Zion National Park

A couple weeks ago we took a spontaneous trip South. David and I have experienced more change in the past 5 months than we have our entire life! We were feeling a bit overwhelmed that we just packed up our Honda Element and drove. We initially planned on going down to Arizona to go explore Antelope Canyon. We camped down in Arizona only to find out the next day it was way more expensive than what was posted on their website so it was not in our budget. David's dad and brother were actually on a road trip the same time and met up with us down there! We decided to hike Toadstool Trailhead together which looks like how I would imagine Mars to look haha. Then they had a couple day pass to Zion National Park and told us we could us it! I had never been to Zion before. I can't believe it. Zion is so BEAUTIFUL and COOL! We drove through it and then hiked to the Emerald Ponds, camped in our car and the next morning hiked Angels Landing! Super rad. We had a blast and felt refreshed to come home. Sometimes all you need is a spontaneous trip to get outside and to experience the great outdoors.

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